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I like playing RPG's(mostly JRPG's), action adventure games, platformers,some FPS and RTS, and of course retro games! I love the people of Retroforce GO! They are so RETROMAZING!
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Hey everyone, this is my first post . I would like to introduce myself. I am a 25 year old male into RPGs,adventure,action, some fighting,puzzle,and rts. I will probably be an infrequent poster in my blog, but I will leave comments on articles and such. Although I am not expecting to post much, when I do I hope the posts I make are really good. I also want to shamelessly self plug a podcast, of which I am a co-host to. It's called RPGgrinder's on Gametopius.com. There we discussing RPG's(most JRPG's), stuff that annoys us like that guy who blocks the shopping cart aisle in the grocer. We also get a little controversal with freethought and skeptism examining outrageous or dubious beliefs like whether or not putting that lucky hat really makes you lucky. Hope to get along with everyone here, and to be able to contribute something to the community.