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11:53 AM on 06.19.2007 // Jim Sterling
UK Dtoiders - We Need You (Manhunt 2 related)

As you're all doubtlessly aware, I reported on the site earlier that The BBFC have banned Manhunt 2. As a firm believer in freedom of expresssion and harmless art, this news has shaken my confidence even more in British society and the frustrated me even further in my lamentations about the treatement of videogames as an art form.

Fellow editor David Houghton agrees with me, and together we've decided something must be done. As of the time of writing, we are putting our heads together to come up with some idea pertaining to bringing this issue to the fore and for once, kicking up a stink from the other side of the fence and getting some attention for the pro-game lobby instead of the anti-game lobby.

Right now, David and I intend to rally the troops, so to speak, and see who wants to help. Be it some form of protest, campaign, event, whatever, we want our community to help us. You're all loyal Dtoiders and devoted gamers and the majority of you disagree with the BBFC's decision. As such, now's your chance to help us do more than just complain within our own gated communities and, if not make a difference, at least fucking try.

Who's with us?
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