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Jim Sterling avatar 7:20 AM on 01.12.2009  (server time)
Sour Wine

I have concluded that if I take these sour grapes and use those to make the wine that you will ask me if I would like cheese to go with, I can actually make sour wine, the most powerful metaphor for complaints ever concocted.

Or, I could apologize to a number of upset individuals who were offended by the brashness of my comments yesterday. While I stand by my suggestion that some people unhappy with the state of Destructoid need to come back and take part rather than be unhappy on the sidelines, being combative is the last thing that will see that happen.

There are a few untrue things floating around, such as I hate the community or whatever, and I doubt I can convince you otherwise considering it's something a number of you seem to have believed for a long time. All I'll say is that I'm in IRC more and more every day, I came up with the idea of a live podcast which included as many community members as we could cram in, and my Xbox Live games with guys from Dtoid are some of the most fun gaming times I ever have. A huge part of what makes Dtoid what it is, is the community.

The post yesterday is something I should have handled waaaaay better. My intent wasn't to upset anyone, but sometimes I type faster than my brain processes, and saying things like "I won't consider them the community" is not only unwise, but it also tars a lot of people with one brush and makes them feel persecuted.

I was never hired to interact with the Dtoid community, and I do in fact consider my job and the community two separate entities. My job is to help ensure the growth and the personality of Dtoid. My spare time is where I fuck around in IRC and Xbox Live and meet people and all that stuff. I'm not paid to make nice with anybody here, I do it because I have found some amazingly funny people here and because I even consider some of you friends. Some friends were pissed off yesterday, and that's fucking rubbish.

I'm sorry for coming off like a grade-A douche and I hope that the people who took what I said personally can draw a line under this. There were some pretty vicious and nasty things said about me, from my porky fatness to my worth as a Destructoid editor. Personally, I'd like to pretend such things were never said, because just as what I said yesterday was unbecoming of site staff, I think those comments were unbecoming of a Dtoider. On my end of things, I'm just gonna draw a line under the whole thing and move on, if you will permit to do so.

I didn't mean to upset the apple cart and I apologize for doing so. I hope we can all move forward a better community after this.

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