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Jim Sterling
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Occupation: Reviews editor, Destructoid.com

So I finally quit the cab firm!

It was Saturday night, a new and atrocious phone system had been installed that puts a painfully shrill and loud ring directly in your ear (because they haven't bothered to set them up properly) and the night was, as usual, shit. I am a full-time writer and soon to be moving. I am not supposed to put up with this.

So I am not putting up with this.

I now have enough money coming in from my regular writing and freelance contracts to successfully leave the cab firm and do nothing but my real job until I move for the United States. I shall be leaving London and spending my remaining weeks here in the company of some family members so my final moments in England are with nice people in a nice area.

I have left my weeks' notice (starting from Friday) on my boss' desk, so tonight is going to be my final night. From here on out I will no longer be a mere phone monkey. My primary -- nay, my sole occupation will be writing. This means, of course, that I will finally have time to do more reviews and original feature content for Destructoid. This is bad news for Sterling Haters, but awesome news for CONFIRMED Sterlimaniacs like Jeff Gerstmann and Brian Crecente.

The Age of Sterling is about to begin!
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