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So, I picked up Gears of War 2 and Fallout 3 today, preparing for an epic day of dystopian gaming while I recover from a bladder infection. That shit makes it feel like you're pissing hot hammers, yo! That was pretty exciting, but videogames are even more exciting.

So, spent a couple of hours in the company of Marcus Fenix and his racially diverse steroid abusers. I declare it to be just like the first Gears of War. However, that is not an insult, because the first Gears of War was pretty awesome, and this is basically more awesome.

Going back to Gears 2 is basically like meeting an old friend. It feels good to just get behind cover and start popping heads. I'm liking the new variety in the scenery and some of the large-scale setpieces going on. The new Ticker enemies are annoying as fuck. The second I saw them, I knew they'd piss me off, since they conform to one of the primary videogame conventions -- if they're small, they're annoying.

The story so far is still corny and laughable, but I don't play Gears for story. I like how everything is re-introduced though, the whole thing is set out just like a movie sequel. Shit's pretty good.

Right, I'm going to go boot up some Fallout 3 and then play some more Gears. I'll probably be hanging around for Friday Night Fights tonight, too. Also, be sure to keep an eye on Destructoid, as Nicholson and myself will be double-teaming Gears 2 for review. With our giant erect cocks.

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