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Splinter Cell: Conviction review

Sam Fisherís back for his fifth outing, although itís taken him a while. Originally announced back in May of 2007, and featuring a shaggy hobo-Sam on the run from the law, the game was abruptly put on hold and taken back to t...


Fallout + Doom + Independence Day = KEWL

Perhaps more mind-numbingly depressing than the idea that Bethesda are going to release an expansion pack for a post-apocalyptic RPG which is basically Prey 1.5, is the startling notion that, judging from comments I've seen...


Sexism in gaming

Almost all gamers have heard of the lamentable Custer's Revenge, a title that, had the videogame industry been more high-profile at the time, and had Jack Thompson been on his little crusade, could quite possibly have singl...


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