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JiR INC's blog

5:36 AM on 08.08.2008

Game Related Crimes

This is my first blog all I'm doing is just expressing an opinion of mine you don't have to take it in deep to the heart i didn't expect you to ^^

I'll begin by saying that I'm sick of people pointing a finger a games for crime in youths (in some cases its true) but I'll try to back that up soon.

Rockstars Games has been given alot of crap recently for there games GTA and MANHUNT series, but I really can't see why.Just because they have done various games in a 3D environment that imitates the real world but more with options to interact with npc's but it isn't REAL!! all because its a GAME YES A GAME.

When I first saw GTA on the Playstation, I was still amazed by how the Playstation had such cool games because all I had at the time was a Gameboy and I wasn't too fussed about games as much as I am now. I must of been about 9 or 10 years old then...back to the point when I saw GTA for the first time, I was at a after school club and saw this crowd of people in a room there must of been about 10 people mainly people older than me then I saw gta. The little avatar running around stealing cars and shooting people with a BB gun XD its was fun to watch and the room passed the controller around to see how long you could last and with the police chasing you it made it even more of a challenge.

Within that time even when I was young age I would have never imitated it because I knew it was bad, Why else would a police car chase you for running someone over. what the point to imitate it when all you care about at the time was power rangers and transformers and other kiddie stuff at the time, but these days a kid may have got knifes or a guns and ready to hurt someone......what the hell for.... its not because of a game..... just think about it is a how to read a book because of a game...and still, the same people are pointing a finger and blaming an industry all because they don't look into things in depth and just glace and support crap that they listen mainly the media.

The company Rockstars Games makes me happy in a way because even tho they do a job of making great games as bully they also do games are not relative to the genre of there popular titles like "Rockstar Games Presents Table Tennis" or the "Midnight Club" series since one is a driving game the other a sports game.

Point being all there doing in my opinion is just doing games the push the limits of people and to see how far they can get...but in doing so attracting a crowd and to promote idea's for the better e.g "Saints Row" (even tho Saint Row has naff all on the GTA Series) but in doing so they attract a big crowd and shock people in doing a game like table tennis, some other people will go "WTF, OMG.....etc" mainly fanboys XD

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