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2:56 AM on 12.18.2012

As someone that has being playing video games since the NES, I have never been much of a PC gaming person. I have spent hours watching friends play many different games but I never really could get into the mouse and keyboard thing. After 20 years of gaming under my belt I have recently (about a year ago) built my own computer and have started playing everything from Diablo III to Assassins Creed III to Black Ops II on my new setup. What I have found to be interesting is the games I have been enjoying the most are not the pretty, modern, I need a expensive graphic card to play type games.

Instead, it has been games like Baldur's Gate, Icewind Dale, and StarCraft. I know that a part of this brings back memories of my childhood friends playing these games and a feeling of needing to see what I have missed out on all of these years but I also feel that these games are just plain fun. When I ask my friends about these games they get excited to tell me about their experience with their these older games as they can recall all of their stats and boss fights. They even get giddy (at 25 years old) to tell me how great it was to play them but then laugh at me when I ask if they would ever play them again. They say things like “That’s too old to play” and “There are better games out now” I can’t help but think that I am the odd one for enjoying these apparently ancient games.

As of now, Icewind Dale II is my personal favorite PC game. It was originally released on August 27, 2002 developed by Black Isle Studios and published by Interplay Entertainment.

I feel that playing these games is the same as watching an old movie from when you were younger, it may not look that good or have the quality of work put into it by today’s standards but there is still something there that will bring you enjoyment just as it did when you were younger. Either way, I am happy that I can experience the best of both worlds and play games that were designed for a top of the line graphic cards as well as one that were made for Windows 98 and 2000. If there’s anyone out there that can remember any other fun PC games that came out around early 2000 please let me know, I am open to all games types. Below is a full list of classic games I have been playing.

PC games from the days of old:
Baldur's Gate I & II
Icewind Dale I & II
Neverwinter Nights I & II
Diablo I & II
Final Fantasy VIII

I just realized that this looks like I only play RPGs but I will play anything if it’s fun. Would you ever consider going back and playing older games like these? Or will you just keep them a childhood memory?

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