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2:08 PM on 04.29.2008

GTAIV - Violence flares after launch

A 23-year-old was repeatedly stabbed in Croydon, south London as he walked past 100 people queuing to buy the controversial game, in which players rob and murder their way through the criminal underworld.

A hooded man with a knife - who is thought to have known the victim - jumped out of the line outside Gamestation and stabbed him several times before running away.

This was bound to happen. Although this means a new opening for the tabloids to attack the gaming industry once again, I see no clues or signs that the game was an influence to what happened.

If you have the common sense, you can see it has nothing to do with the game. The only thing I could think of is the high demand of the famous title. Maybe they had no money and didn't want to miss out, maybe they were planning to attack these people, you never know, but this creates so many gaps in which Rockstar can be attacked.

I was reading this article and I then came on to this.

However, there are concerns that the game, which follows an Eastern European criminal as he comes to the United States and turns to a life of crime, will fall into the hands of younger children.

Responsibility lies within the parent of the child. These "false conclusions" are so biased that they don't take a reality check whenver they think about these sort of things, which usually (and probably will in this case) end up as a complaint towards the company. "Don't release the game, it's too violent for children" - That's what age verification is for, and being a good parent. Retailers aren't so retarded that they would sell a copy of GTAIV to a child.

Obviously justice will be served for the victims, but still, I'm more focused on what the tabloids will say. What do you think?

(Sorry for my lack of imaginative writing, I'm not used to blogging...yet :P)

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