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12:15 PM on 01.11.2008

No - maybe not - but check out my previous rant about why there would be One console Future...

I've wrote and said it a million times... for years... Industry has started to follow with high profile devs saying the same shit now... and its only a matter of time.

Can anyone explain to me how having ONE console would be bad for gamers? Or game developers for that matter?

The argument that keeps coming up is, ‘oh, it would stifle competition and competition is good for gamers!’

But I don’t understand this in regards to console hardware.

One game publisher would be bad. One giant game developer would be bad. I get how those things would hurt gamers. But why would one unified hardware platform?

Hey guys!

I would have written something up, but I'm trying to finish up watching this horrible Steelers vs. Miami game and really looking forward to bed. Besides, I'm pretty sure this speaks for itself.

Check the link....

Hopefully he goes down!!... OBJECTION YOUR HONOR!!11!

Honestly.. There probably has not been a more crooked gaming site on 'teh internets'. Each channel maintains a high bias. Reviews are often "ported" between systems. Terribly inaccurate with respect to information they present. Extremely poor content, lack of updates, membership fees/widespread advertising..

I dunno.. I just had to throw it out there. I read the Assassins Creed news on the first page, and it really doesn't surprise me all that much. IGN is heavily driven by the companies behind its advertising. The reviewers are almost certainly paid off for the high profile game reviews. The scoring/grading is ridiculous.. I'm pretty sure the only consistency in IGN's reporting is that its all Garbage.. always.

I don't know, personally I haven't looked at IGN for a review on a game since IGN64 & thereafter the v2.0 revision of the site. After that, the commercialism was way to evident to continue reading the site convincing myself they were unbiased and open minded.

They suck!.. (And Joystiq has too - since its acquisition from Time Warner/AOL)

7:47 AM on 10.23.2007

I said it before and I'll say it again..

Kotaku has a piece about an article written by Dennis Dyack saying basically the same thing I laid out a while back...I've seen it coming for a long time now.. those of you who "don't see this happening", are more than likely not in the industry - so you don't see a lot of things happening.

He goes on to opine that the unified format will "likely be decided by a consortium of game makers", but likens it to TV in that any company in theory could build a console system for that format. This would lead to a drop in price for the consumer and also an increase in quality "as the model of perfect competition emerges in the hardware marketplace."

"A one-console future is a future I think we can't avoid - and thankfully, it's a future where everyone would win", Dyack said.

(Article is for OXM next month I believe)

You may be calling me an idiot by now, and you may be correct. However I have been under the impression that I purchased and have been playing Guitar Hero 2 for the past 4 months or so possibly (if memory serves correct). However upon recent reading at I have no choice but to disagree with my previous assertion, because I am wrong. It comes out on the 28th. See here. So... Um... The stand-alone boxed versions I have seen in stores across Canada are fakes... or someone seriously broke the street date! For Shame!

Someone just explain to me that I'm wrong and what is different about this copy?

It's probably going to get slaughtered seeing how it comes out the same day as Guitar Hero 3!

Last year Steven Sather, 46, decided to go vigilante and take law into his own hands. After buying Cars, he was unable to install it on any of his computers. Pissed off and fed up, he brought his building code inspector badge and went to Target.

AHhahah, This is funny... here's the full article as quoted..

I know return policies suck. Maybe you didn't do your research before buying a loser game. Maybe you got fooled by hype, but I think all of us have wanted to take things into our own hands and force them to take their crap back.

Last year Steven Sather, 46, decided to go vigilante and take law into his own hands. After buying Cars, he was unable to install it on any of his computers. Pissed off and fed up, he brought his building code inspector badge and went to Target.

After being rejected, as expected, by the manager due to store policy, Sather whipped out his badge and began creating a scene. Posing as an off duty cop, he demanded a refund and threatened arrest. Nice try.

The ploy didn't work. Sather was facing a possible trial for impersonating a police officer. All over Cars. CARS...the GAME. He deserved to be arrested just for that.

Fast forward to now. The case has resulted in a hung jury, and now the DA's office is deciding whether or not they want to attempt further trial, or cut some sort of a deal with Sather.

Keep Sather in mind the next time you contemplate buying a movie tie-in game. Think of the possible consequences.

so my shit is broken, i'm aware. The italics tags didn't work, bold tags didnt work didnt work...

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