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Jesus H Christ avatar 5:48 PM on 02.24.2010  (server time)
The top Dtoid SF4 players (360), and some thoughts on the Dtoid SF community

To see the bracket full size, follow this link.

For those of you who don't know, over the last couple of weeks the Street Fighter 4 Dtoid community has been holding a ranbat. Ranbat stands for ranking battle; it's pretty much just a tournament where points are assigned to winners based on placement. These points are then used in subsequent tournaments to determine how best to match opponents up and set the brackets. Plus over multiple tournaments it becomes easy to see who is stepping their game up.

Anyway, here is some detailed information on how the tournament went down, match by match:


Jesus H Christ
KD Alpha
Char Aznable
Buster Slash
mourning orange
crazy beethoven

First Round:

Jesus H Christ (Ryu) vs mourning orange (Ryu)
2 - 0

KD Alpha (Rose) vs ZServ (Balrog)
2 - 0

Senisan (Balrog) vs madfigs (Sakura)
2 - 0

de BLOO (?) vs Buster Slash (?)
2 - 1

Cataract (Honda) vs Danro (Ken)
2 - 0

Solgrim (Honda) vs. Crazy Beethoven (Cammy)
2 - 0

VashTS (Cammy) vs. Char Aznable (Akuma / Fei Long)
2 - 0

Wedge (Dan) vs. ScottyG (Sakura)
2 - 0

Losers Round 2:

Danro (Ken) vs Buster Slash (Abel, Dan) - BusterSlash is eliminated
2 - 0

ZServ (Balrog) vs madfigs (Sakura) - madfigs is eliminated
2 - 0

ScottyG (Sakura) - crazy beethoven (Cammy) - ScottyG is eliminated
0 - 2

Char Aznable (M. Bison) vs mourning orange (Dan, Ryu) - mourning orange is eliminated
2 - 0

Winners Quarter-final:

de BLOO (Ken/Akuma) vs Cataract (Honda)
2 - 1

KD Alpha (Rose) vs Senisan (Balrog)
2 - 1

Jesus H Christ (Ryu) vs VashTS (Sakura)
0 - 2

Solgrim (Honda) vs Wedge (Dan)
2 - 0

Losers Round 3:

Char Aznable vs Senisan - Senisan is eliminated
Senisan forfeits :(

Jesus H Christ (Ryu) vs ZServ (Balrog) - ZServ is eliminated
2 - 0

Cataract (Honda) vs Crazy Beethoven (Cammy) - Crazy Beethoven is eliminated
2 - 0

Danro (Ken) vs Wedge (Dan) - Wedge is eliminated
2 - 0

Winners Semi-final:

Solgrim (Honda) vs VashTS (Sakura)
0 - 2

KD Alpha (M. Bison) vs de BLOO (Akuma)
2 - 1

Losers Round 4:

Cataract (Honda) - Char Aznable (Bison , Zangief) - Char Aznable is eliminated
2 - 1

Jesus H Christ (Ryu) - Danro (Ken) - Jesus H Christ is eliminated
0 - 2

Winners Final:

KD Alpha (Zangief) vs VashTS (Sakura)
2 - 0

Losers Quarter-final:

Cataract (Honda) vs Solgrim (Honda) - Solgrim is eliminated
2 - 0

de BLOO (Akuma) vs Danro (Ken) - de BLOO is eliminated
0 - 2

Losers Semi-final:

Cataract (Honda) vs Danro (Ken) - Danro is eliminated
2 - 1

Losers Final:

Cataract (Honda) vs VashTS (Sakura) - VashTS is eliminated
2 - 1

Grand Finals:

KD Alpha (Dan) vs Cataract (Dan)
2 - 0


13th, earning 4 points in the ranbat: madfigs, BusterSlash, ScottyG, mourning orange

9th, earning 8 points in the ranbat: ZServ, Wedge, crazy beethoven, Senisan82

7th, earning 10 points in the ranbat: Jesus H Christ, Char Aznable

5th, earning 12 points in the ranbat: de BLOO, Solgrim

4th, earning 13 points in the ranbat: Danro

3rd, earning 14 points in the ranbat: VashTS

2nd, earning 15 points in the ranbat: Cataract

Grand Champion, earning 16 points in the ranbat: KD Alpha

A few pretty interesting things happened in this tournament.

Unfortunately, Senisan82 had to forfeit fairly early in the tournament due going on vacation. He and Char are on similar levels of skill, so it would have been interesting to see how things might have gone differently.

As you can see above, the Grand Finals match was a Dan mirror match. Cataract and KD agreed on the forums to test their Dans against each other. As Danro pointed out, Cataract had no idea that KD is a Dan Grandmaster.

VashTS considerably stepped his game up for this tournament. Maining Sakura of all characters, he made it all the way to the Winners Finals. Vash has Sakura's mix up game down to a tee, and took me out of the tournament with a perfect round in our last match.

The Danro vs Cataract match up turned out to be one of the marquee matches. Facing each other in the very first round, they met again in the Losers Semi-finals. Both matches were very close, and we were lucky enough to get the second one on video.

A big thanks to everyone who participated. We'll be doing these regularly once SOUPA DOUPA comes out in two months!

Now I'd like to share some thoughts on the Street Fighter Dtoid community. There are about 10 of us or so who constantly talk about SF in the forums. Go to the games forum and you'll see the proof of how nuts we are about it. As of this writing, the top three most active threads in the games forum are Mass Effect 2 at 742 posts, Demon's Souls at 904 posts, and Super Street Figher 4 at 3,041 posts. Most of those are made by the same ten or so people.

Super is coming out soon, and we want you to join us.

If you're worried about not being good at the game, don't be. WE WILL HELP YOU. You can only get better by playing, and most of us are willing to offer advice as we play. I have been helped in this same way by our top players, and it has stepped my game up considerably. I am a far better player since I started playing regularly with KD Alpha and de BLOO.

Once Super comes out, there will probably be a grace period where we're all fooling with the game and doing the new challenges and learning the new characters, but it won't be very long before we start getting more serious about these ranbats. I personally want it to be a regular thing, and I'm inviting everyone reading this to be a part of them.

So keep your eyes peeled on the forums and c-blogs, and start practicing. Also, feel free to hit me up for some matches in the mean time!

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