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Jesse Satterwhite's blog

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Jesse Satterwhite avatar 11:40 PM on 07.16.2013  (server time)
"Woes of the Uninitiated" - SMT IV Contest Entry

“Woes of the Uninitiated”
A (hopefully non-pretentious) poem by Jesse Satterwhite

‘Twas once a series called Shin Megami Tensei.
The question “From an obscure series?” was met with “Nay.
It's now a portable sequel
To the last console three-quel—
A series with rightful acclaim."

‘Twas once a curious but sheltered fan
Of Nintendo games of any span.
But, unfortunately,
As sheltered people tend to be
Had little experience with games focused on Japan.

‘Twas once a boy, though perhaps not a fan
Of the acclaimed SMT series’ plan
To introduce worlds
To both boys and girls
In ways only RPGs can.

‘Twas once a great group of gamers
Who gave the boy a rightful disclaimer,
For his ignorant hype
Towards some odd western shite
Made him, in simplest forms, lamer.

‘Twas once that boy previously stated,
Who, not by choice, was unrelated
To games like this
Which his parents told him to miss
In the days of his youth, not debated.

‘Twas once a website called Destructoid,
Known best for its refusal to void
The opinions it stated
On games that it rated
That people, at all costs, should avoid.

‘Twas once a contest on said site
That promised its people a good sight.
For the gift that it presented
Was best represented
As SMT IV, a game of true might.

‘Twas once a hope for the boy
To play something far more than a mere toy,
And as a result
To avoid more insult
He entered the contest with joy.

‘Twas once a requirement for the contest
That required its entrants to contest
Their love for the series
In any old dreary
Fashion that would let them pass the test.

‘Twas once the same boy who had a thought—
A simple one, yes, but curious at the meaning it brought.
If an enlightened fan was the winner
And the uninitiated a sinner,
Why let the pre-established fans enjoy the plot?

‘Twas once a theory quickly dreamed
By the boy, who sought to be redeemed.
If the initiated were true
And wished to enjoy this game, too,
Then would they not purchase this entry, so highly esteemed?

‘Twas once a contest that this non-fan attempted
With high hopes that judges would be contented
To find a young man
With dreams of becoming a fan
And grant him this prize, unresented.

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