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Jesse Cortez avatar 12:30 PM on 02.01.2009  (server time)
10 things you probably didnt know about Tactix

Whoa! There are a ton of these on the C-blogs! I've been reading some, and, although I despise chain letters and the like, I've learned so much about members of the Dtoid community that this is actually pretty awesome! So therefore, I present to you:

10 things you probably didnt know about Tactix

Me and my grandfather back at home

1.I grew up in a very small town in Texas

The town I grew up in is named San Benito. It is so small that we only recently got our own Walmart and Gamestop. It is about 20 minutes from the Mexican border and the second to last city you drive through on your way to Matamoros, Mexico. While it is a super small town, I absolutely love that I'm from there. I'm proud of my small town background :D. There is one claim to fame.....Freddy Fender is also from San Benito, and in recognition, his face is on a water tower in the city. My goal in life is to replace his likeness with my own :P

2.I learned to read at 3 and a half

Now I dont remember this happening, but from what my mom tells me, I was a very bright child. Apparently, we were walking in the supermarket and I asked my mom to go to Aisle 7 where the toys were. She asked "How did you know thats where they are?" and I pointed to the sign. Surprised by this, she bought me lots of books and just taught myself how to read. Therefore, I apparently was so frustrated in pre-k and kindergarten, because I was forced to make letters out of macaroni pictures even though I knew phonics and all that jazz.

3.I love to sing and dance

Growing up, I hated playing sports. I sucked at football and other things that my peers did for fun. Thats why I naturally went for videogames, but also music. I learned how to play piano at a fairly young age and spent much of my time singing in front of the piano singing to myself and my mom. I had a song book that had like 1000 songs from movie soundtracks, and that was one of my prized possessions as a kid.

4. My house burned down in high school

That leads me to this. In high school, one day my parents picked me up and were visibly upset. My mom had tears in her eyes as she told me that our house had burned down. I remember going to our house and seeing that EVERYTHING I had owned was now gone. It was a huge shock to me, and pretty weird thinking that the only things I owned were in my backpack. I lost my music books, all my videogames, and my piano and french horn that I cherished. Luckily, my grandmothers house was practically in our back yard so were were able to move in there. That's where my family resides to this day.

5. I am a third generation Mexican American with a huge extended family

My grandfather wanted a better life so he immigrated to the US from Salamanca, Mexico. When he arrived, they had basically nothing. My mother told me stories of having to drive up north to make money as a migrant worker, and pick cotton in the fields. However, my grandfather had a dream of owning a used car dealership and auto repair place to make that happen. After much hard work, he finally accomplished his dream and actually became pretty successful for the small town. Because of that, I look up to my grandfather so much because he came to America with practically nothing, but now I am able to go to graduate school and be successful because of his early sacrifices.

6. I hope to get a job as a college professor

Most of you know already that I'm in graduate school at Berkeley, studying organic chemistry. The reason why I put up with working in lab from 9AM to 10PM, 6 days a week is because I really want a PhD and the qualifications to teach on a collegiate level. Being in front of a class of students and answering questions is such a rush, and something I know will keep me motivated to go to work everyday. I'd love the thought that I'm influencing students' minds and hopefully being a role model for those who also want to go into teaching.

7. My childhood dream was to do games journalism

However, as a kid, I used to dream about working in the videogame industry in some way, leaning towards being a games journalist. I used to read Nintendo Power, and GamePro and really wanted that job. Its funny, but thanks to Destructoid, I've had the opportunity to at least pretend I am getting a taste of being a games journalist, by attending some industry events (like the RE5/Bionic Commando thing), meeting people in the industry, and living vicariously through Topgear and Aerox.(:P)

8. I've started my own videogame blog

Recently, I was looking at my old bookmarks and found this. Gamers Anonymous Redux. It is an old site that my close friends in college started up as a way to pretend we were important videogame bloggers. Well, thanks to Destructoid, I have the blogging fever now, and I'm bringing it back. Feel free to check it out once in a while, and add it to your RSS reader!

9. I am a Nintendo Fanboy

.....but not in a bad way. I love my 360 and the games on it. Its just that I feel a brand loyalty to Nintendo that is deep in my heart. It actually pained me to buy a 360, but there are just too many good games on it to not have one. I love everything that Nintendo does, even if I dont want to play Wii Music, and hate the shovelware. Let me put it this way. I agree with Jonathan Holmes often.

10. There is something that I only tell people that I feel close to....and Dtoid is close to me

Most of you know what it is. I was actually going to lay it out here in this blog, but I didnt want to spell it out. That would sort of defeat the purpose of my number 10, since not only Destructoid can read this, but anyone who comes to this site. But know that this is something that is common knowledge on IRC....this blog is just a bit too public. So instead of spelling it out, I'm going to give you (sterotypical, but true) hints!

50% of my personality LOVES musicals, boy bands, shopping at Express for men, but the other half wants to bone Scarlett Johansson, drink tons of beer, and loves going to strip clubs in Vegas.

Let's just say I moved close to SF for a reason. <3


Anyway, I hope you guys have learned things about me that you didnt know before! I love Destructoid and the family that we have here! <3 <3 <3

I want to make out with you all, and I'm only half joking!

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