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WARNING:The following description makes liberal use of the little ( ) symbols, so deal with it.

Sup dudes, I have an Xbox 360 (request me, I need friends... sadness...). I love old school games(Pac-Man, Galaga, Super Mario World, Streets of Rage, you get the idea.) I also harbor a love for the more modern(Resident Evil 4(die zombie bitches!!!!), HALO(YES I AM A NERD), Beyond Good and Evil(a true masterpiece), Mass Effect, Bioshock, Call of Duty 2 & 4.

I have an Xbox 360, although I suck at achievements.
I have a Gamecube, which pretty much left me in the dark of modern gaming a couple of years back, a Playstation with a large collection of RPG's, which I have come to despise, a Nintendo 64 which I never really played, damn Playstation taking up most of my playtime, and a still(somehow) fully functioning Super Nintendo & boy do I love that thing...

I attend high school in LA, shout out to my peeps!(not really)

I love indie music, makes me feel sort of crass and snotty though...Although I've recently acquired a taste for classic punk music and underground hip-hop(weird I know).

Oh, and I like stamp collecting and taking long strolls down the beach...
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Yes!!!!! I loved this movie! Any of you guys feel the same.

But, it is a shame that There Will Be Blood did not win. That movie rocked balls.

I just got Professor Layton and the Curious Village for the DS, this sunday.

I ask you this. How the hell does such a "simple" game manage to be so awesome?

By making you feel like a FUCKING GENIUS every time you solve a 50 picarat puzzle, that's how.

No, but really, this game is fucking sweet. I'm barely at the point where you have to find Ramon, but I have fuckin' loved every minute of it.

So far I'm considering it my best game of '08 so far.

What do you guys think? Anybody feel the same about this game? Anybody hate it with a passion?

Please leave your comments.

Never say never...

I'm so happy...

leave your comments...

So a couple of hours ago I went to check out Strange Wilderness with a couple of friends and just came back right now to share my thoughts.

I liked it... It has its moments of raunchy genius, such as the title of this piece.
There are a few unnecessary moments which bring the down the movie as a whole, but they're few and far between. As I mentioned, the whole turkey affair may just be the funniest thing in the movie, besides the already famous shark laugh, which brought the house down at the theater I was at.

On a different note, as we were exiting the theater we saw the huge line that had formed outside the theater, compromised of little girls and their mothers. Then we saw that they were playing that Hannah Montana concert movie in 3D. What is it with Hannah Montana?

Well anyway, any of you guys seen this or planning to? Leave your comments and opinions.

I found a brief rundown of this weekend's box office results and I find them disheartening...


Sometimes I wonder what the hell is wrong with our young people (I'm one of them just in case you're asking).

Besides this flaming piece of shit, did anyone see anything else this weekend?

Leave your comments.

So I've taken a break from all the hullaballoo that is keeping a blog on Destructoid.

Well, I'm back bitches...

So I just watched Cloverfield this evening, and well, am really impressed.
You know what, fuck that, I FUCKING LOVED THIS MOVIE.

I don't know if it's its just been the lack of a good monster movie or what, but this movie was excellent. Just wait till you start to get glimpses of the creature and you're hoping to see it head on, and when you eventually do, it's fucking great.

The internet hype was right, this is a movie event. Even if it runs less than 80 minutes, its miles beyond any monster movie of the past decade.

So, how about you guys? Gonna see it? Or is it just not your cup of tea?