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WARNING:The following description makes liberal use of the little ( ) symbols, so deal with it.

Sup dudes, I have an Xbox 360 (request me, I need friends... sadness...). I love old school games(Pac-Man, Galaga, Super Mario World, Streets of Rage, you get the idea.) I also harbor a love for the more modern(Resident Evil 4(die zombie bitches!!!!), HALO(YES I AM A NERD), Beyond Good and Evil(a true masterpiece), Mass Effect, Bioshock, Call of Duty 2 & 4.

I have an Xbox 360, although I suck at achievements.
I have a Gamecube, which pretty much left me in the dark of modern gaming a couple of years back, a Playstation with a large collection of RPG's, which I have come to despise, a Nintendo 64 which I never really played, damn Playstation taking up most of my playtime, and a still(somehow) fully functioning Super Nintendo & boy do I love that thing...

I attend high school in LA, shout out to my peeps!(not really)

I love indie music, makes me feel sort of crass and snotty though...Although I've recently acquired a taste for classic punk music and underground hip-hop(weird I know).

Oh, and I like stamp collecting and taking long strolls down the beach...
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Happy New Year to all you fuckers. I couldn't enjoy the celebrations because I was too busy flying back to LA from Cancun (that's right) and arrived back home at eleven pm.

Well, I'm happy to be back home, but today I've been thinking about everything I went through in Cancun... Ah, good times...

So anyway, what are your resolutions for this year?
Will you see them through, or just forget about them like last year's?

I'm saying goodbye to you guys right now. Today, because I have things to do tomorrow, like packing and stuff... I'm going to Mexico to spend the holidays with some family there(That's right I'm a dirty Mexican...)and probably won't have access to a working computer until I get back to the states.

I'm getting teary-eyed typing this *sniff**sniff* knowing that I'll miss out on the celebrations here with my fellow D-toiders.

So wish me luck, and a Merry Fucking Christmas to you all.

I leave you guys with this video, so you can get a taste of what I'll be doing south of the border. Keep me in your hearts. lulz.

Boy, oh boy...

Today at around three o'clock I finished one of the most epic and affecting, if not the best, game I've ever played.

I still have images of Sovereign coming into the Citadel, and the epic spacefight that ensues around it; all I can say is WHOAH...

Technical issues aside, which weren't really as bad as some reviewers said they were, this game is heads and shoulders above anything else this year. Sorry Bioshock...

All said and done I cannot wait for the sequel.

So, how many of you have played this?

Agree with what I've said, or have some criticisms? Go ahead and comment.

p.s. I've included the video with the awesome end credits song to Mass Effect.

Puzzle Quest....

Where do I begin...

I went to a local Target this weekend. Usually I go to check up on what movies are there, and to see if there are any worthwhile games on sale. Yeah I'm a cheapo, but whatever...

I get to the checkout at the front of the store, getting in line behind an impossibly large woman, and woman with four or five kids around her, all screaming at the top of their little lungs. I just wait there counting to 100, just hoping for the kids to shut up.

Well my prayers are answered and now I find myself at the counter ready for checkout, courtesy of a pretty girl. Things are looking up, and I see that at the counter, in one of those big cardboard stands, there are a bunch of discount Nintendo DS games. Among Hannah Montana, which I almost bought, I saw a little package with the title Puzzle Quest. I had read about this game and remembered that nothing but good things had been said about it, besides I really, really, really love Bejeweled(no I'm not gay).

I get home, pop open my DS, which I haven't played in months and insert the cartridge.

Well, Holy Shit...

This game is crack in video game form. Whether it's going after a rat to capture it and make it your mount, or learning new spells, this game is absorbing... It's either the uniqueness of the game, or I just haven't played something good for the DS in a while...

Any of you guys played this game? Thoughts and comments are appreciated.

I love the new design. nuff said.

What are your thoughts?

5:21 PM on 12.01.2007

I saw this yesterday...

Great way to get out of one of those boring conversations at work.Watch Me!