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Jerkbutt47 avatar 5:45 PM on 06.28.2008  (server time)
Wall*E aka How A Little Robot Melted My Cold, Evil Heart.

I just came back from watching Wall*E at the theater and I feel like a little kid trying to tell his friends that what he just saw was awesome and that they should believe him because if they don't then they will be gay... Wait, maybe my comparison doesn't hold up that well.


Back to the movie. I'm not gonna get into a plot description because I'm sure you guys already know what the movie is about. I'm just going to say that this film is Pixar's best outing yet, a great hard Sci-Fi film to boot, and an amazing family film with an important message for the all the little kids out there(and some adults too).

As I watched the film, all the while keeping a big smirk on my face, I let myself go from the reality of the world, ignoring the overly loud family behind me making oohs and aahhs at the screen, and just living with the little doe-eyed robot and the sleek little, almost suppositorial(wow, a suppository reference in a kid's film review) looking, EVE and just forgetting that I was watching a computer animated film. It is beautiful.

Any of you seen it theaters? Waiting for the DVD? Agree with me or disagree?
Your comments are appreciated.

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