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Jerkbutt47 avatar 6:00 PM on 04.03.2008  (server time)
Bomb Threat aka Greatest Senior Prank EVER

So I'm sitting at my drawing desk during second period when all of a sudden we hear the voice of the vice principal over the intercom.

He's telling us to evacuate the main school building and head towards the football field. Thankfully our class isn't in the main building and we remained in our classroom until further notice. Now, I attend Belmont High School in Los Angeles. Our school tends to around 4,000 students, I mean, IT IS PACKED. From messages I received, the football field was overflowing with students, and I start hearing that there are talks of a bomb in the main building.

I've seen things like this on TV and now I'm living it. Then I start to ask myself, "Since we're so near graduation, could this be the senior prank?"

Turns out it was. Greatest Senior Prank Ever. They managed to evacuate the school and get the L.A. Bomb Squad into the campus.

Any of you guys have any memorable senior pranks you remember? Anything that can top that?

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