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Jerkbutt47's blog

4:06 PM on 10.11.2008

The Sickest, Most Offensive Book I Have Ever Read aka This Book Fuckin' Rocks aka This Blog Has Been A Long Time Coming

Wow, I can't believe I'm still writing on my D-toid blog. It's not like I have a fan base or anything... Still I get a kick out of posting my thoughts on a board full of strangers, so have at it. It has been far too long. Ev...   read

6:28 PM on 06.29.2008

Today I Failed at Escaping the Inevitable

It seems today, a sunday of all possible days, my destiny has caught up with me. I tried to escape it, following the wise words of John Connor, "There is no destiny but what you make of it" or something like that... Today my...   read

5:45 PM on 06.28.2008

Wall*E aka How A Little Robot Melted My Cold, Evil Heart.

I just came back from watching Wall*E at the theater and I feel like a little kid trying to tell his friends that what he just saw was awesome and that they should believe him because if they don't then they will be gay... Wa...   read

7:12 PM on 04.24.2008

Geek Alert:Guillermo Del Toro to Officially Direct the Hobbit Films.

Here's the link to the awesome news. So anybody excited? Personally, I just blew a load.   read

6:00 PM on 04.03.2008

Bomb Threat aka Greatest Senior Prank EVER

So I'm sitting at my drawing desk during second period when all of a sudden we hear the voice of the vice principal over the intercom. He's telling us to evacuate the main school building and head towards the football field....   read

10:03 PM on 03.18.2008

Full Tropic Thunder Trailer aka Robert Downey Jr. is GOD

I saw the trailer at about 4 in the afternoon today. 4 hours later and I still keep coming back to it. Love the way it starts like a serious war movie and then just smacks you in the face with funny. Here's a link to the trailer on the official site. woohoo p.s. Robert Downey Jr. in black face is pure distilled awesomeness.   read

11:03 PM on 02.24.2008

No Country For Old Men Wins Best Picture!!!!

AWESOMENESS Yes!!!!! I loved this movie! Any of you guys feel the same. But, it is a shame that There Will Be Blood did not win. That movie rocked balls.   read

9:29 PM on 02.19.2008

Professor Layton aka I don't need to solve a puzzle to take a shit, do I?

I just got Professor Layton and the Curious Village for the DS, this sunday. I ask you this. How the hell does such a "simple" game manage to be so awesome? By making you feel like a FUCKING GENIUS every time you solve a 5...   read

8:54 PM on 02.03.2008

New York Giants are my Heroes...

Never say never... I'm so happy... leave your comments...   read

10:18 PM on 02.01.2008

Strange Wilderness aka Watch Out for Turkeys When Taking a Piss

So a couple of hours ago I went to check out Strange Wilderness with a couple of friends and just came back right now to share my thoughts. I liked it... It has its moments of raunchy genius, such as the title of this piece....   read

3:09 PM on 01.27.2008

"Meet the Spartans" Tops Box Office; Is the American Public Really That Stupid?

I found a brief rundown of this weekend's box office results and I find them disheartening... WHAT THE HELL IS THIS MOVIE DOING THERE AT NUMBER ONE???!!!!?!?!?!? Sometimes I wonder what the hell is wrong with our young people (I'm one of them just in case you're asking). Besides this flaming piece of shit, did anyone see anything else this weekend? Leave your comments.   read

11:33 PM on 01.18.2008

Cloverfield aka That's a Big Fucking Monster

So I've taken a break from all the hullaballoo that is keeping a blog on Destructoid. Well, I'm back bitches... So I just watched Cloverfield this evening, and well, am really impressed. You know what, fuck that, I FUCKING ...   read

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