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JerinsFury avatar 6:27 PM on 06.06.2009  (server time)
Sometimes I play video games. (Setup)

Odd. With classes ending for the summer, I seem to be far busier than normal. I had plans to update this blog a lot when the semester was over. Oops! It appears that between working two jobs, summer work and playing golf with my dad I have become lax in the field of this C-blog and video games in general. Seeing as how I am in school to become a writer/journalist, I think it would be in my best interest to actually write.

I am staging my return process with the simplest of all the blog postings out there: the obligatory gaming setup post. Exciting! Beats me rambling on about how Left 4 Dead has actually made me social, or various other gaming ideas and thoughts. But who cares about that stuff? Behold! My lame setup!

My room is fairly small; I have a large bed and lots of things. Mostly books, games and movies (and Legos, but those are in the attic). I am pretty limited on what I can do for a setup, because I need bookcases for my books, and a large desk for when I am writing and working on schoolwork. The large bed also hinders the arrangement a teensy bit. I manage, and for what it is, my setup just works.

First, we have my entertainment center. It is a fairly straightforward Target brand center that holds my things nicely. On the top is my newest baby; a Sharp 26inch 720p HDTV. How I managed without an HDTV for so long is beyond me; everything looks freaking amazing on it. Even regular DVDs pop better than they did previously.

Below is the Xbox 360 and my Slim PS2, my two most used consoles. The shelf below is my RF Modulator box...thingy. I can hook up older consoles there and whatnot for when I want to play them, and under that is my Comcast cable box. The Wii is so lonely down there. Maybe with the games coming in the next few months it will get some loving. Maybe. I doubt it. The Conduit does look good, though...

My anime shelves with a random shelf of some of my CDs (just the ones I listen to frequently).

My desktop. Messy messy messy. The Mario/Luigi is from a display I snagged from work. My computer is slow as shit, and I need to upgrade soon. Below is my laptop, which is a decent piece of hardware. Gets me through classes everyday, and makes college a bit less boring. I am awaiting the arrival of my HP Mini 2140, and already have my Ragnarok Online private server ready to be installed on it :D

The corner above my bed is where I put almost all of my video games. The lower left is Xbox 360 games, and above that are Wii, Gamecube abd Xbox. Above that is just a shelf full of my favorite manga series. The lower right contains all of my PS2 games (except Time Crisis 3 + Guncons). Nintendo DS and PSP inhabit the spave above, with a few PC games in the corner. On the very top are my PC-DVD games, TurboGrafx 16, Dreamcast and PSOne.

I think at last count I have nearly 450 games. Not shown in any of the pictures are my jewel-cased PC games, because I have so, so many.

These are just drawers next to my bed that have my SNES and Game Boy stuff and various controllers for my Wii and 360. Nothing too exciting.

Handhelds. I love my DS to death, and am slowly loving my PSP again now that good games are on the horizon and with the recent Final Fantasy VII release on PSN. The Turbo Express handhelds are two of my most cherished things, as well as the actual Turbo Grafx system (not pictured)

Systems I do not currently have hooked up. Two slim PSones for some reason? I can not recall how I acquired a second. The NES is in absolute perfect condition, except for the smudges on top. When I was younger, my parents smoke. So my SNES yellowed a bit, but otherwise works perfectly. Obligatory Dreamcast as well.

I could have sworn I had more Gameboy / Gameboy Advance games. Oh well. Most notable is the HOLY CRAP SO MANY POKEMON GAMES. Also, Golden Sun 1 and 2. I actually have four copies of each, because I love the series so much. Needless to say, my pants were tight when Golden Sun DS was announced.

I know this is not all of my SNES games; I just did not feel like digging the rest out. That is a Super Game Boy on the left. Notable in here? Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 4, and Super Metroid. I got into video games pretty late, so I lack the more notable titles. Same with NES.

NES games. Why do I have so many copies of Tetris? Gold Zelda and a copy of Final Fantasy? Yeahhhhh. I scored a copy of Bomberman with box and instructions a few months ago for $3 at a yard sale. Not a bad deal if I say so.

These are games I will never get rid of, no matter what. Neutopia is just far too amazing of a game to let go, and my copy of Ikaruga on the Gamecube was the first game I got with my little Cube. Parasite Eve 1 and 2, Vagrant Story and MvC2 are just far to awesome to pass up as well.

Err... I like Final Fantasy a lot. I will also never give these up for obvious reasons. Squall makes me swoon.

Shin Megami Tensei <3<3<3

That is my lame setup. Not much I can do until I get a place of my own, what with school and work and blah blah blah. Like I said, it gets it done. I have plenty of pillows on my bed to make an amazing gaming cushion, and the acoustics and speakers on my TV work well in the small space.

I also included close ups of the shelves in the thumbnails below if that is your thing. Go ahead. Take a look. It may be sexy. Maybe. Wear a condom.

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