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JeremyDaleWall's blog

10:23 PM on 07.29.2013

The Last of Us Succeeds by Challenging the Player's Morality

From my blog at I have had moments in my life when I cannot tell if it is improving or only getting worse. I don't have a specific, definable moment that I can point to and accuse of being when everyth...   read

12:32 PM on 01.02.2013

Wii U Deluxe Review

The Wii U was released in November. Many of you probably bought one. If you didn't, though, and are considering it, here's my opinion of the console after a few weeks of owning it. I bought the black deluxe version from an EB...   read

9:25 PM on 12.17.2012

Random Musings on a New Wii U

I bought a Wii U today. I picked up the black deluxe version, which comes with a couple of stands, some extra HD space, and a copy of NintendoLand. I never owned the Wii. I played it a bunch of times at other peoples' hou...   read

9:37 AM on 12.16.2012

The Minutiae of a Gamer

My name's Jeremy. Hardly an active gamer, I've recently returned to the gaming scene after a prolonged absence. And by prolonged, I mean I stopped playing console games altogether around the time the PS2 was released. This wa...   read

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