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Jennero Rossi's blog

7:56 PM on 04.30.2012

Fez Patch For Possible Mid-May Release

After finally getting my hands on the indie sensation Fez, I was able to play it for about three hours and like many other people frequent crashes the the dashboard started happening making the game totally unplayable. So I...   read

7:39 PM on 04.16.2012

Shenmue Review

Inside a living breathing Japan set in the 1980s, you play the young Martial Artist Ryo Hazuki on an unforgettable adventure seeking revenge for his fatherís murder. Ryo must unravel the mystery of a secret chinese cartel t...   read

8:04 PM on 01.03.2012

Parasite Eve Storyboards Leaked

A former Squaresoft employee has revealed an earlier concept to Parasite Eveís intro sequence. I love seeing early production work on games to see how much has changed during the development cycle. Aya looks very different th...   read

11:32 AM on 01.01.2012

Two More Characters Leaked for Street Fighter X Tekken

Well the Xbox Live Marketplace does it again for leaking Capcom content. The store updated Street Figther X Tekken with twenty new screenshots. If you take a quick look at the screenshot below you clearly see the silhouettes ...   read

3:11 PM on 12.30.2011

One Piece: Pirate Musou Coming Over Seas?

If your a One Piece fan and havenít seen this game yet your missing out. Namco Bandai and Tecmo Koei are at it again for another Dynasty Warriors anime game. Since the Dynasty Warriors Gundam series has been popular they are ...   read

8:17 PM on 12.29.2011

Mega Man Is Not Dead!

Were you as sad as I was when Capcom announced that Mega Man Universe was cancelled? Is Mega Man: Dr. Wilyís Revenge on the 3DSís virtual console not filling the Mega Man void for you? Then look no further then Rokko-chan! A ...   read

11:10 PM on 11.28.2011

The First Video Game I Ever Played

Do you remember your special game that got you into gaming? Most peopleís first game was Super Mario Bros. on the NES. Mine was a lesser known title called Archon. I still remember picking up the cartridge for the first time ...   read

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