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Jeniken's blog

4:09 PM on 08.03.2007

Apparently Nintendo is makin da moneez; Miyamoto is making new IP for 2008...

In an interview with The Mercury News, Shigeru Myamoto stated that he would be releasing a brand new game franchise based on an entirely new IP he's conjured with his wizard thoughts. The game will be released for the Wii in...   read

2:29 PM on 08.03.2007

No rumble for the PS3 on the horizon yet; N64 looks better everyday...

Does anyone other than me remember your first (heterosexual) experience with the rumble pack on the N64? Star Fox 64 did it for me. When I would crash into the ground I was "rumbled" accordingly. It felt soooooooo good. T...   read

2:05 PM on 08.03.2007

No GTAIV until April '08!!!!!!!

Holy butt-nutt. I know this is somewhat old news but I found a more precise new "release date." For those of you that haven't heard (it's nice to come up and visit the overworld sometimes), the new installment in the Grand ...   read

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