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JeffreyMann's blog

4:45 AM on 03.12.2012

Re: Mass Effect 3 fans petition BioWare to change the ending

"Did the ending leave you with an empty feeling?"

No, I was full of disappoint, son.

"Do you want something else?"

Yes, possibly this as it's the most fitting fan suggestion I've seen yet.

"Should BioWare bow to the demands, or stand by its narrative decisions?"

BioWare should do whatever BioWare (more like EA) wants, but combine this debacle with the overall WoW-ish feel of The Old Republic and the epic fail that was Dragon Age 2, and BioWare may be looking at a bigger problem then they may realize on their hands. I know I won't be pre-ordering the next BioWare game, be it Dragon Age 3 or whatever, and I'll be taking my time to look at it closely to decide if I even want to buy it at all.   read

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