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Jedah Doma avatar 7:13 PM on 11.20.2011  (server time)
Boomzies #21 - World of Warcraft vs. Star Wars: The Old Republic

In Issue #21 of Boomzies we have a live Q&A session with Richard Ross of Operation Rainfall to get their side of the story and how this organization of dedicated Nintendo fans is seeking the international localization of three Wii games. Then in our main topic we talk about World of Warcraft vs. Star Wars: The Old Republic. With Star Wars The Old Republic beginning beta testing, there’s a lot of buzz surrounding the release of this game. Will WoW retain its’ throne or will Star Wars usurp the the reigning MMORPG king?

Also we talk about bums, how to keep you bum fresh, and how to properly care for your bum……BUM!

What is Boomzies? Simple, Mass Geek Debate! A live show about culture with no culture. It’s two guys talking and debating about culture with a live audience. We’ll take your questions via chat, phone, and video. All the while we make sure to include plenty of awkward pauses, sexual innuendo, and other politically incorrect behavior. New episodes are broadcast live every Saturday @ 10pm CST on

Boomzies Issue #21 - World of Warcraft vs. Star Wars: The Old Republic (VIDEO LINK)

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