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What's with all the hype for Dead Island?

Remind me again why everyone is so hot and heavy for this game? Oh my stars, another FPS style game with zombies. Yippee skippee. First and foremost, I'm so sick of zombie themed games. If you’re desperate for a hot theme t...


Boomzies Issue #0 - The E3 Breakdown

In the very first episode of Boomzies Landon and Brian cover all aspects of the 2011 E3 conference. From the things we loved, to the things we were surprised by, and even the things we hated. All the while we make sure to i...


Back to the Future 25th anniversary screening with DeLorean!

On October 23rd, 2010, I got the chance to attend the limited screening of Back to the Future at 12:30 pm at the AMC 20 in Leawood, KS. This is a short video about my experience and a surprise appearance of a DeLorean movie replica. With the release of the film on Blu Ray and the 25th anniversary of the film, I thought this was good timing. Enjoy!


Enough with all the zombie games!

In light of my last blog that was a copy and poaste from my website, here is an exclusive rambling for Destructoid. Fads are just a fact of life. An undeniable cliche we as humans are so easily susceptible to. The dictiona...


Why Devil May Cry 5 *MIGHT* suck

With the whirlwind of controversy surrounding the newest Devil May Cry, the consensus seems split on what to make of this new direction. While there have been some good points made on both sides, I think many glaring issues...


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