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Boomzies #25 - SOPA & The 2011 GOTY

An episode of unequaled e-drama, Brian and Landon discuss the SOPA bill, how it could change the internet as we know it, and why you should be concerned. Then in our main topic we duke it out over the five best and five wor...


Boomzies #24 - The Sound Game

In our biggest episode yet we start things off with a special look at the Video Game Awards Show. Which essentially is Brian drolling over the epic and amazing Metal Gear Rising Revengance trailer. Then we talk about the ru...


Boomzies #17 - The Online Pass Debate

In Issue #17 of Boomzies we start things out with Netflix. First Netflix, then Qwikster, now back to Netflix. Has Netflix lost its’ touch? Then in the main topic it’s the evil of online passes in video games. More and more ...


Boomzies #15 - Pre-order Pandemonium

What is Boomzies? Simple, Mass Geek Debate! A live show about culture with no culture. It’s two guys talking and debating about culture with a live audience. We’ll take your questions via chat, phone, and video. All the whi...


Boomzies Issue #7 - The Future of Handheld Gaming

In Issue #7 of Boomzies we talk about BioWare’s new look for the fairer sex in Mass Effect 3. Then we move onto the main topic for the night. In an ever changing world of portable devices, what does the future hold for handheld gaming? More importantly, what does this mean for both Nintendo and Sony’s portable offerings? Boomzies #7 - The Future of Handheld Gaming (VIDEO)


What's with all the hype for Dead Island?

Remind me again why everyone is so hot and heavy for this game? Oh my stars, another FPS style game with zombies. Yippee skippee. First and foremost, I'm so sick of zombie themed games. If you’re desperate for a hot theme t...


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