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8:26 PM on 12.02.2010

Atelier Rorona Review

Atelier Rorona: Alchemist of Arland, the newest in a long running list of Atelier titles and the first of the Alchemist series created by Gust and NIS America, but if you have never heard of any of these games before donít fret cause neither have I.

Our story begins with a history lesson of how the city or Arland was a failing city until they were taught of how to use Machines to make work easier and create better items through Alchemy, with this the town soon flourished. Now we see what were in for, you are Rorona a complete airhead whoís just as amazed as you are when the things she does actually works out (JRPGís the only genre where a person like this can be a main character). Youíre an apprentice Alchemist and through some choices from your master a.k.a not doing any work the city has ideas of getting rid of the Alchemy store and those that work in it. Not wanting to do any work (or so it seems) the master decides to give the shop, and the responsibility to you. Now itís up to you to prove not only the king but to the residents that shop deserves to stay where it is. Sadly it seems that it takes an idiot to successfully pull this off.

The basic plot of the game is that every couple of months you are given a task to complete by the Kingdom which is graded depending on how much you are willing to invest into the tasks at hand. The biggest thing in this game is that everything requires time and health. All of the things you create through Alchemy takes up a certain amount of days depending on what your making, and cause this takes so long to make it also takes away some of your health. If you run out of health you wonít be able to create any more and will have to take a few days off, and if you run out of time for your task you fail. Traveling around the areas to gather ingredients also takes up your time. Also to increase the way you need to think about creating items, is that all materials have certain characteristics that you may or may not want to pass on to the final product. For instance this item may be valuable and have a + 2 to skill boost, but has a crappy condition, and the other is weak but had a good condition. You donít need to care so much about this at times but there will be instances where these small differences can change quite a bit.

Through the game you will be introduced to different characters which you will be able to hire to help you go out into the wilds to fight enemies and unlock different areas, and like the castle every now and then they will ask you to create items for them, which you will be paid for but this also increases their friendship level which changes certain events and the games ending. There is much to do and think about in this game and with everything taking up precious time it may seem complicated at time but once you get into the rhythm you begin to see how easy and intricate they made this game. Itís fun and complex enough that you always want to calculate as much as possible.

Outside of creating through Alchemy you and the party you assemble to scourer the land for materials you fight monster like you would in any other turn based RPG, luckily they do a few things to keep your eye on the screen instead of just hitting the attack button. The only thing you really have to watch is your characters health bars. Because Alchemy takes up health your main character might be low, and because any special ability takes up more HP if you fail in combat you waste even more time getting back to town and lose a chance to collect more items. Also during battle your characters gauges will increase giving them certain actions after another certain character does an attack, or ability, while there mostly tied to the main characters actions others will reveal themselves by playing around.

The Atelier games have been around for over 10 years now and while less than half of the titles have made it out of Japan, and the ones that do usually only make decent to good reviews it still has quite the fan base, and for good reasons. The story simple yet wonderful, the characters and the world grow depending on how deep you want everything to be and it does a great job at blending 2 completely different systems in a memorable way.

I give it an 8.5/10   read

12:34 AM on 11.29.2010

Splatterhouse Review

Itís been three console generations since the last Splatterhouse was released, but was the time this game was sleeping spent wisely to continue in an already known franchise or should it have stayed just a classic.

For those who are familiar with the original Splatterhouse this game is re-imagining of the original story. You play as Rick, you and your girlfriend Jen go and visit Dr. West in his mansion, obviously things do go so well, Jen gets kidnapped and you get impaled by some beast created by the ďgoodĒ doctor. Taking everything that has just transpired the mask calls out to Rick making a deal to help him get his love back, and while he has given him back his life and the immense power he will need to continue to survive it seems that there is far more conspiring against him then he knows. While this seems obvious thatís all you really get to know for most of the game, the farther you go more of the story is revealed but sadly there isnít much more to learn what you can probably guess yourself after a couple of minutes. Luckily during the game all of the banter between Rick and the Death Mask helps keep the characters themselves seem a bit more interesting, itís not much beyond rude remarks but it shows that this shouldnít be taken seriously.

The game fighting style isnít much more than you can guess by reading the title. Thereís your basic punches and throws, the odd weapon lying around that basically means a kill to enemies outside of the big guys, and when you utilize the masks power to improve your already useful arsenal (a.k.a your arms) by growing spikes and such to rip through all enemies, sadly this takes up a lot of your blood meter which also acts as your recovery ability, by sapping all enemies around you to heal yourself. So itís your choice to use the meter for power or optional healing when needed, but they made the recovery way to easy in this game, unless you get killed by a cheap death or a trap pit, youíll usually have more than enough to heal your way past bosses. In many areas they decided to take a 2D approach to help pay tribute to the game before it, good news is that it works and is quite enjoyable, and by completing through the game the other three Splatterhouse games are unlocked so you can get more of this franchise. By fighting enemies you will rank up points which you can spend on upgrading your health speed of attacks, etc, while later on they do cost quite a bit they do feel balanced even though you might just stick to the same few combos.

While it did take a long time for the newest title to get out from this franchise I wish that it had been in development a bit longer, there are many things that could have been improved to make the game better. For instance in a game like Devil May Cry when you get about halfway through the room the exits will be sealed and then you either fight or solve a puzzle to get out, in this game you will find yourself getting to the door and end up running around until the game catches up to what needs to be done, the same is when you finish clearing the room of enemies, you will stand at the gate waiting for it to open, which is annoyed by itself but on the odd time you have a timer it can be a bit frustrating. For taking out enemies if you get there health low enough you can do a ďsplatterkillĒ which kills them in a fancy way by using either the analogue or the buttons to pull them off but after the first few it get quite tiresome and the bigger guys can only die by using these so it gets irritating by the games end. Loading times are horrible even to redo an area it takes far too long and during loading screens are the same two 4 second loops over and over so it get increasingly annoying. Another big problem that I encounter quite a few times was that at times certain actions just wouldnít work, youíd try to get into your powerful form but it wouldnít let you ending up in a cheap death, then after trying again it would work just fine.

Though this game has many up and downs it doesnít do much to keep the interest through the whole main story which is only about 6 hours long, they did include the original games and an additional Survival Arenaís but itís the same stuff form the main story so if this is your kind of game youíll have enough to play for a while but sadly there could have done so much more to make this game more fluid in and out of combat and made the story more interesting to the player and to the game itself.

I give it a 5/10   read

7:18 PM on 11.23.2010

AC: Brotherhood Review

It has only been a year since the last Assassin title and know with a large emphasis on team mates and multiplayer is there enough to make this a must buy on your holiday list or is it just a quick cash in.

This gameís is a continuation of Ezioís story, starting off with a quick recap of the first two games and then quickly getting back into the game play by starting just before the final cut scene in the second game ends. While they do a job of getting the overall idea of the game it will be easier to understand for those that are caught up with the entire story. After a great confusion of what to do after finishing his long quest Ezio decides to go home believing that his work is finally done but sadly that is not the case, with his villa under attack from Caesarís Army and after doing everything you could, all that you worked so hard on in the second game are destroyed and to video game fashion during this you lose all of your money and equipment. After a terrible voyage you find yourself in Rome and with nothing but the devastation of what happened to your home only vengeance is running through Ezioís mind.

When this game was first announced it was an intriguing idea to bring a co-op idea into the fast and intricate fighting style of this game. Along the way you will run into people that you can help and in turn they will work for you doing assignments all over the country earning you money and they experience. While there not running across the land you can call upon them to fight your enemies so you stay hidden or when there is just too many of them. They work magnificently, one call and from the top of buildings or behind ruins they will get rid of your targets and as fast as they got there they leave like true assassins. However while this is a good way to stay hidden itís not really needed for any other reason than gaining more cash, fighting in this game is easier than the previous ones (if that is possible). Like before even if youíre completely surrounded enemies will wait and go one at a time so you can counter kill them, now when you get a kill you can go into a kill streak where ever enemy will die in a single hit and will never block making huge assaults a cake walk. Very quickly you are able to gain new items and weapons but outside of the hidden blade I doubt you will be using much of anything else, only on the fact that there is just no reason to. Other than that the rest of the game play hasnít changed at all, which is good, why change what isnít exactly broken.

Like the previous games the landscape is vast and just getting to the next mission or finding optional side quests can take quite a bit of time, and while that is a good opportunity to do some of the extras for those that want to progress in the story will be happy to find that there are passageways that will take them to any area in the game as long as they have been upgraded to do so. For this you will need money to buy them but you can also buy stores and landmarks all over Rome, while the last game did this it was way too easy for the small area of things to buy but now it feels far more worked out.

The obvious biggest change to this game is the multiplayer, which takes on a different idea compared to pretty much all other multiplayer games. Other games want to you running to kill your enemies and finish your objections as fast as possible; this game wants you to go as slow as possible. You are given the task of killing another person in the stealthiest of way not only because you get more points for it but because there are others out to kill you as well. For those that like to run around to find your target might not like this game for its all about blending in and moving as slow as possible to look like an NPC. Things like running, climbing or anything that you would do in the games single player is a definite give away to everyone else. Despite that, the multiplayer is actually pretty fun, planning routes and acting in ways you and the idea of humans doing their best to not be humans gives it a bit of depth that is quite a bit of fun. Thatís not to say its without its problems, somewhat small maps making it easy to be killed because they saw you get someone else, and occasional spawning right beside your mark is a bit of an annoyance, other than that itís a good addition to what they already give you.

With it originally looking like a multiplayer addition with a quickly thrown in story, itís obvious we got so much more than that. A great story that helps the story and everyone in it, and a fun multiplayer that isnít afraid to do its own thing, for those that havenít tried these game yet now would be the best time.

I give an 8/10   read

1:11 PM on 11.21.2010

Harry Potter 7 part 1 Review

With the final Harry Potter book being split into a two parts can EA prove that they arenít just selling us half a game at full price?

For those that arenít exactly sure what the story is hereís a quick rundown of what youíll be hearing quite a bit over and over. You and your friends are out to destroy a dark evil wizard by finding pieces of his soul hidden around the world, and of course dark evil wizard doesnít like you so he sends out his minions to find you so he can do you in himself. Yeah it sounds a lot more interesting in the books but trust me what the game makes you listen to seems even weaker than what I just wrote. Also to accompany a feeble attempt to a good story is a failed attempt at almost all spoken dialogue. It always feels off, or it just does as little as possible to show the feeling of the character and whatís happening around them. They did bring in some of the original voices for this title but even still it doesnít do much to help.

For reasons unknown to me they decided to change the entire gameplay style compared to all of the other ones. It now acts like a Gears of War with magic and that might sound cool to some but it once again fails to hit the mark. In past games everything was about finesse, and ability, when you learned a spell you knew that it would be useful in puzzles and certain enemies but now you pretty much just mash on the shoot button and enemies will take quite a few hits, then with the amount of enemies that you will have to face you will be hitting the attack button so much that your finger will probably start to hurt youíd wish that you could hold it down, and even though you do learn new spells along the way you only ever need to use one, which ever you choose to use, the entire time. What doesnít help is that this game is also very linear, other than the odd go left for 20 seconds the whole game is pretty much a straight path and it doesnít help the player when ever few minutes the game tells you to active the spell that shows you exactly where you need to go, as if they thought the game confusing on where you need to go, and it is, it is confusing because the games controls donít seems to move quite correctly, the movement seems off and when you actually want to use their guidance spell it doesnít want to work.

Like almost all movie-tie in games itís a short experience. It will take you about 6 hours to finish it. They try to lengthen it by throwing the same ďmissionsĒ at you that donít do anything for the game but waste your time for it has nothing to do with the story or keeping things interesting. There are times where you will have to use stealth to move around without being spotted to gather Intel and get away from your enemies and while this may work at times when you are supposed to use stealth it feels clunky and at times useless.

I am a fan of the books and some of the older Harry Potter games and adding a Gears of War style of fighting seemed like a decent idea to help relay the war and the feeling dread that is in the final book but by the time you get close to the end of the game youíll most likely be running past everything just so you can get the game over with.

I give it a 3.5/10   read

3:55 PM on 11.14.2010

Saw 2 Review

[ b]Saw 2: Flesh and Blood[/b]

For anyone who has heard of what the Saw franchise is like, Konamiís second title will be more or the less the same as all others that came before it. Youíve done bad things in life so now you are being punished in hopes that you will see the light and if by chance you do survive you will go on to lead a long and good life. You play as the son of detective Tapp, the main character from the first game, a reporter who by using his writing capabilities ruined his father and thus stopped all cases he was working on. Thus the game of Jigsaw begins.

First of Iím going to say that their newest title looks much better than the first one but one of the downfalls is that it can get far too dark at times, and while that is used to benefit the atmosphere, and certain puzzles other times it too much of an annoyance when you canít see what youíre supposed to walk on. The atmosphere and the mood of the areas are done very well, you feel the pain and intensity across the game and while it does make you wonder how Jigsaw was able to find an entire street filled with abandoned warehouses entirely stocked with everything he could need to build dozens of puzzles going on at the same time and some more elaborate than those in the films. Sadly the traps in this game arenít much to talk about, all of the games puzzles, traps, and side missions are extremely easy, except the odd one that may make you scratch your brain out and not due to a sudden spike in difficulty but from a lack of any instructions. I get that they want you to think through everything but when they tell you nothing and thereís nothing you can really do but keep trying until you either die enough times and give up or you finally realize what to do, isnít what I would call good game design.

While theyíve done more to make the game look better and act better, especially during the odd battle which was quite the chore in the first game, but they havenít done anything to how linear the game is, if anything they made it even more so. While in the last game you were able to collect items that you could use in order to open locked doors and the like but now you will only fins what you need, thereís a locked door you will find a nail, an enemy is coming up you will find a weapon, everything is open to you but because of way they went around doing it the game seems lacking. Combat isnít much to talk about hit button when told to, battle won. This game does try to add more to it by leaving a lot of collectable around that will reveal more about the franchise and the characters in it, and others are behind devilish puzzles but by the end of the game you will find most of them without any real trouble mostly doing nothing more than wasting a few seconds here and there.

While this game does do enough things differently to make it seems a bit more than the first game with a 2 slapped on the end but sadly they take out almost as much as they add in which is a bit upsetting. I did enjoy playing this game, every room you would enter would make you check everything hoping to learn more and see more of what you can do as the player, but with a 8 hour playtime and only really getting achievements/trophies as an incentive to play through again there isnít much of a reason to come back except for the few perfectionists.

I give this game a 6/10   read

7:02 PM on 11.08.2010

Vanquish Review

We begin by seeing a nice view of San Francisco. Familyís walking through the park, sunlight glistening off the water, which is soon abrupted by a giant space station that by using a power much like the Death Star to destroy the city, from here Russia demands The United States to surrender or else they will fall. Obviously with this being the United States, and a video game surrender is not an option. So you, Sam, the man that is wearing the powerful ARS battle suit your off to go find one of your friends that has gotten kidnapped and to stop the weapon that will bring about another great war. Sadly thatís about as far as the story truly goes. Along the way more is revealed but its full holes and questions with no answers.

One of the things that stood out to me was how even though the games main protagonist is a mechanical battle suit we are not stuck in the silent era, and more importantly the places you go arenít lifeless. Everything is bright and full of color, itís good to see that were not always stuck in a dull grey/dark brown like in most games that is trying to be considered hardcore. Combat is where this game shines its brightest. Even though it does steal its main concepts from Gears of War and a lot of extra visuals from Metal Gear, what they add makes the experience something that should be played at least once. Along with the usual running, gunning and hiding behind the walls large enough to be used as cover, youíll be implementing your suits AR mode, when in this mode time slows down and thus all enemies are a much easier target but by using this your suit will start to heat up and when it reaches it max youíll be vulnerable to enemy attack, using this in conjunction with your suits grind rails to very quickly rail around entire areas and getting behind enemy lines youíll be able to pick off targets and locate weak spots with ease.

This game only has a couple of different weapons throughout the game but cool thing theyíve done with this is you only have 1 weapon that is able to record up to 3 different weapons into its databanks and thus transform into it at any time, so when you trade a old gun for a new one you really just trading the memory banks, which is easier for the weapons upgrades which you find by picking up newer versions of it or random enemies will drop a upgrade which you can give to any weapon of your choice. So Iíd say choose your 3 favorite guns and then just leave it at that. What a lot games do too much these days is throw in Quick Time Events that arenít needed and end up throwing people off, luckily this game doesnít do that, the QTE in this game are minimal, and many you can initiate if you choose so, if not just keep using your gun, but the ones that you do active are usually outrageous. One thing that didnít keep up with the games amazing visuals and fast-paced battles are the voice acting. Every main character failed to portray the being that there acting to be, and Sam seems to have a problem with himself so heís trying his hardest to be the next Solid Snake, but fails at that as well.

I had a lot of fun playing though this game, its fast, tons of action and many collectables to find and upgrade youíll be able to have more to do after the main campaigns 6 to 7 hour play through, sadly though after beating this game once I donít have any real reason to do so again, except for those who want to find everything and put their skills to the test in GOD HARD mode there really isnít much to come back to.

I give it a 7.5/10   read

10:02 PM on 11.07.2010

The Force Unleashed 2 Review

The Forced Unleashed 2 Review

With the first game holding so much promise and possibly unlimited potential towards a unknown part of history to the Star Wars history and the new characters that came with it, itís horrible failure was a true shock, can the new sequel shed life back into the force.

With the last game ending off with two different endings it was announced that the option where Darth Vader doesnít die was the true cannon storyline (surprise, surprise) with this we start this game with Starkiller being awakened to his old/new master where he is told that he will be the perfect true StarKiller clone and where the original failed he will in fact be his true apprentice. Of course that doesnít go the way that it was intended, apparently you rather die than attack a robot cloaked to look like your girlfriend from the first fame, so with this lose you are sent to be disposed of. Well that doesnít fly with you so off you go to destroying all in your way in order to seek not only freedom but the truth. Thatís about as far as the story goes to staying interesting after that it goes around in circles and truthfully by the games end youíd have forgotten everything about it.

Well, where can I start with this game? I previously stated that the first game was greatly disappointing, but I can easily say that this game is even worse. With the first game it seemed like you could do anything and everything by using the force to its fullest potential and it made you think of what else could they do with it, well I this game you get no new powers and abilities, itís the exact same force powers from the last title but now they fell even more restricted, more held back, and they way you remember how to do these abilities is to actually through a quick memory flashback remember how to use them. Combat is just as bad. There are only a few enemies throughout the whole game and either they have a simple attack pattern and weakness or they have a needlessly long action sequence that after seeing it once you never want to again.

Well something good I can say about the game is that it looks good. The visuals are nice and thereís rarely any problems with the game itself except for the odd time where it will freeze and youíll be forced to reset everything. This has happened to me twice so watch out for it. While I did say overall the games look hits the right notes at the end it doesnít really matter too much when there are only 5 level and when two of them are the same place and one of them is just practically 2 cut scenes and a linear walkway you could barely say there is in fact only 3.5 places you go to. Because of this the game itself is only about 5 hours and frankly saying because there is a different ending depending on if you choose the good or evil ending doesnít qualify this game to be any longer.

With the first game I had incredibly high hopes and they smashed before the first level was finished, with the sequel I went into it with hopes that it could be better but even with no expectations this game has not only failed me once again but those who were actually waiting for this to come out.

I give this game a 2.5/10   read

7:43 PM on 11.07.2010

Fable 3 Review

Fable 3 Review

With the last two games in the Fable franchise promising far more then they could hope to keep, can their newest title be the shinning beacon in an already crumbling Albion.

You are the prince or princess of the Kingdom of Albion, with your older brother right off the bat showing off how much of a tyrannical ruler his is you set off to start a rebellion with all of the people of Albion, but before you can do that you need to prove that you are the leader that they believe that they and their land deserves. After a pretty rocky start to the games ďgood and evilĒ selections you are forced to leave the castle and here you find out that your parent was the hero from Fable 2 and so now that we need a hero donít find it surprising that you fill out shoes quite nicely.

To prove that deserve that you can rule in your brothers stead you need to gather not only the support of the leaders of the land but also the respect of the common folk. This is simple enough to so itís a good thing to get on the good side of as many people as you can for itís a good way to gain Guild Sealís, which is this games form of currency. Gone is Fable 2ís experience gained by using a certain type of attack on enemies, for now Guild Sealís are universal, and easy to obtain. Either through people, quests, battles, or story scenarioís youíll be looking high and low for these for later on they will become a bit scarce. They go on about saying that only a hero can pass pretty much all of the trials that you end up going thru but if that is true then the people in this game are the weakest in any game. It is almost impossible to die, you can but to do that you pretty much have to stand there and wait, to fight you have melee swords and hammers, ranged guns, and an array of magic spells, but really all you have to do is throw all your EXP into upgrading your magicís strength and then keep spamming the B button and pretty much all enemies will be a cake walk.

For this game they tried to make it more compatible for everyone which may explain for the games extreme easiness, but it also shows in much more nicely in their way of weapon evolution, and their menu system which I think is the best feature of the game. The sanctuary is pretty much you own personal cache case. All of your weapons, spells, clothing, and any other important item are stored here and are easily laid out so you can switch to what you need quickly so you can get back to the game. Another great thing about the sanctuary is that is flows seamlessly from the game to this room at the push of a button at almost any time so youíre never stuck with any one thing. Throughout the game you are able to find a multiple of weapons that may help out with a certain type of enemy but any weapon is able to evolve further when using it against a certain enemy enough. Another fun they did to change up the combat is by letting you use two different types of magic spells together, while some may just act at the same time to do more damage, like ice and dagger, others will combine to change up the way you will use either one of them, such as fire and vortex.

Sadly a lot of the problems from the last 2 games come back at full force. While the game itself looks great, you will probably come across frame rate issues and at times the quality will drop in both game play and cutscene events. Running is as much of a hassle as before. While it gets you where you need to go it feels way to stiff, for many it wonít move nearly fast enough, and letís say the whole A button = good and X button = evil for every option defiantly isnít going to make you think hard which will fall into which category. Gladly though the pros defiantly out weights the cons. They improved on the aspects with the dog, which now donít feel like a waste of programming. The quests arenít the same 3 over and over, and while your actions are easy to distinguish between good and evil later on in the game you do feel like your actions have some consequences to it whether itís for you or your people or you work for now or for the future.

I have to say though I thoroughly enjoyed this game. The story was interesting and kept you involved, and with a multiple array of quests, side-missions, and collectibles to find or buy you will defiantly find stuff to do for quite some time. Itís good to see that they can make a great game when they arenít weighed down by promises that they later realize were a bit more then they could chew.

I give it a 8.5/10   read

6:05 PM on 02.27.2010

Heavy Rain Review

Heavy Rain Review
Not much known about this game, it promises to be more of an interactive movie experience with a captivating story, will it be a new idea for other games for future years or will it follow the line of other movie/video game adaptations?

In the games Epilogue we see Ethan Mars in his old life, while getting used to this games unique style of controls. To move you point your head in a direction using the left analog and use the R2 trigger in order to move in that direction. Many may remember this kind of idea from the old Resident Evil games, itís a little weird at first but it doesnít take too long to get used to. We are also shown how we need to use the right analog for most of this game; almost everything that you interact with will usually be initiated by the right analog, but itís not all easy there will be times when there are many options to choose in a very short time, or when you have your fingers twisted in such a way that you may need to call for help for that last button that you didnít see coming. With the basicís in mind we see Ethanís life, good home, big yard, wife and kids, (pretty much what some could call the American dream) and how he loses it all. With the accidental death of his eldest son he slowly loses sight of everything until his only child left has been kidnapped by a killer and having only little time left until he is found dead itís up to you to open his eyes again or not.

The story follows the lives of four characters during the time that Shaun Mars has been abducted by the infamous Origami Killer. While we are given four different characters to play as, and try to unveil the mystery of the Origami Killer and his ways, itís good to see how each of them isnít always doing the same thing. The FBI agent isnít always gaining crime scene clues, and Ethan isnít always running around for help, all of them have times when they need to take things slow or if they donít get their act together and fast they will end up dead. Which is one of the games interesting ideas, even with the death of a main character the story will go on as if would have in real life, but because of this you may not learn something others wouldnít have been able to find for whatever reason. You donít just die because you lost in a fight, there are so many choices and actions that each character can make that thereís always an upside and a downside to it.

This game does an incredible job at getting you into the game and becoming interested in the characters and what their trying to do in order to stop these deaths from continuing. The mood, story and the atmosphere are all done very well for what their each trying to achieve. When thereís trouble you feel you need to get moving and when thereís a ray of sunshine you feel happy about it, and itís all brought together beautifully with an excellent voice cast for all of the characters and amazing visuals that gives everyone and everything what it needs to be realistic in an unrealistic way. At times you will hear the actorís true accents come out at times, especially with some of the female characters but it doesnít do too much to ruin the overall experience.

With this game being more than a detective novel or a thriller movie there is so much for people to like in this and it always keeps you wanting to play just a little bit more until you eventually reach the end and have come to see what this game has to offer. While there will be many that think, and Quantic Dream would agree, that this game should be only played once, because you have already have seen your story and to keep it like a real life experience, but for those that wish to know every detail and possible ending there will be many hours to spend enjoying this game.

I give it an 8.5/10

This game while being a lot of fun and interesting was quite difficult to express in writing for others, so if you could please write back with some suggestions on how to improve on my writing for future endeavors.   read

1:35 PM on 02.20.2010

RE5: Lost in the Nightmare review

RE5: Lost in the Nightmare

The first piece of Resident Evil 5 DLC brought a lot of controversy over the fact it should have been a part of the original game disk, will this be worth buying or should you just let this one slide.

Lost in the Nightmare takes place during the time Chris and Jill infiltrated the Spencer Mansion, seen many times during flashback cutscenes in the actual Resident Evil 5 game. For those who have played the original Resident Evil title (remake or not) you are hit hard in the face with nostalgia, almost everything looks the same and feels the same. With staircases that feel you have walked on before, cranks and levers being Spencerís favorite way to stop you in your tracks, pianoís and long forgotten notes bringing back old memories, and windows that scare you in ways that only a resident evil game could this DLC is quite the little dťjŗ vu.

The DLC is only about half an hour to an hour long depending if youíre the kind of person who likes to look around every nook and cranny, which is a little short for what most would be expecting, but with this having no actual saves anywhere, for it to be much longer might have been a problem for some. There are plenty of checkpoints throughout the game but it will have to be a beaten in a single sit in order for it to count. Because this takes place long before the events of the RE5 all of your costumes and infinite ammo wonít be usable which may suck, but works in the scope of the timeline.

While it does feel nice to see what exactly happened during all of those flashbacks and being taken on the nostalgia train, the DLC only takes a short time to complete, with few enemies and notes to read there truly isnít much to please everybody, but along with the game you get 2 new costumes for Chris and Sheva, and a whole new survival bloodbath called Mercenaries Reunion where you can play such characters as Excella, and Barry Burton. While this a good deal for 5 dollars, some might be put off with this being kind of a small remake of the original game, none the less this DLC will keep your nerves and trigger fingers on the edge.

I give it a 7.5/10   read

9:07 PM on 02.18.2010

White Knight Chronicals Review

White Knight Chronicles: Review

With the International Version now being released 14 months after its original release in Japan and a sequel already announced in development will this knight shine overseas despite the wait or has the rust already started to set.

The story is a JRPG at its simplest, princess gets kidnapped by an evil secret organization, therefore you, the simple peasant boy somehow end up being the only one able to wield a mighty weapon that can turn the tide of any battle. So of course you being the intellect you are, you jump head first into a daring quest to save the damsel in distress fighting against all odds and unraveling the truth behind the mysterious giant White Knight and yourself. Also somehow you end up falling in love with said maiden despite not knowing anything about anything, but donít get me wrong this may be used in a lot of games but itís used a lot for a reason.

This game has a lot of small and large hooks to keep people coming and going off and online. They decided to go with an MMO kind of feel with large maps that anyone could get lost in, many NPCís in every town, and quests that you can partake with others online to have fun with. In the beginning you start with creating yourself a custom avatar which you can use during the games story if you wish but this is the character you use during quests and anything online, so you should make it to your liking but sadly the developers didnít think of you in the main story with your custom character never partaking in anything serious and never doing more than standing in a place with a never changing expression. While I do understand why they did it I just wish our characters actually did something that helped with the actual story. Luckily the cutscenes are in real time so you can see what you got at all times, itís not much but sometimes the little things go a long way.

The maps in this game can get very large, many using above and underground and multiple levels making things a little bit more difficult to navigate through but the world and the puzzles never seem too hard to figure out and some you may just stumble on the answers as you run about. Monsters are all shown in real time but when you active a battle itís in a turn base style. By using your skill points you buy abilities for heavy weapons, bows, white and black magic, whatever you prefer, and assort them into slots where ever you want when you have the cursor over that option when the command circle is full you can use that attack or ability. Some, such as the Knights, require Action Chips which you gain by acting and slaying various monsters or by using certain items. While most attack only use a few depending on how strong the attack, to use the White Knight it takes 7 action chips which may take a while to gain but I never found myself really needing to transform outside of battles where you must do so. To keep with the MMO feel in the top corner they have a small screen that tells you everything that is happening from how much damage was done to what you got for winning the battle, itís done well and very easy to see everything at all times.

While they do have a lot going on offline they out did themselves for the online aspects. While you can gain and do many quests solo you can go online and play them with others, which is obviously better. Because this is Level -5 they decided to bring back one of their old systems from the Dark Cloud series GeoNet. Like back in the old PS2 days using GeoNet you create your own town using minerals and items found by playing the main story to create homes, jobs and stores, the more you create and increase the more your town can create for you and sell in their shops some having far better items then you could get in the main game. Also in this you can keep track of those you have played with and keep an eye on the Forums for questions about anything. Finally for those that have done everything that the game has to offer using online GeoNet people can create their own quests to play with others and to keep having fun.

While this game has many good things going for it that fans of classic RPGís would enjoy it does have its down falls. With turn based battles not being the main style anymore, two more game already announced in the trilogy meaning you wonít get a complete story and some of the worst lip-syncing to date, it may turn some people off this game but itís a fun game none the less.

I give it an 8/10.   read

9:16 PM on 02.16.2010

Dante's Inferno Review

Danteís Inferno: Review

This game has been called an obvious clone of the infamous God of War series, taking a different perspective on a famous, half millennium old story about a man who delves into the realms of hell, does this game just take more then it gives or does it do something to give itself its own identity.

The story begins with seeing the main protagonist, Dante, sewing a cross onto his chest showing his past sins, starting with the raid of Acre, while here Dante was slain and believing that the priest has cast off all of the soldiers sins he should be fine for the afterlife. That was not the case; Death appears and tells Dante of what he has done in his life and he will pay for it in hell. With Dante confused about his death and his soon to be eternal damnation he chooses to fight Death, and winning, Dante takes Deaths scythe as his prize. Using this he leaves the realm of the dead, and returns home to his family, which he finds his family has been killed. As he finds the body of his wife Beatrice, Lucifer appears and for Danteís deeds he takes his wife down into hell with him. For believing that she has nothing to do with this he delves into hell to rescue her.

The games gameplay is wellÖ. In a nutshell itís God of War. Everything about this game from the fighting to the camera to how you move and jump is exactly as you did in the God of War games. A few things they did differently instead of powering up a certain weapon, by either absolving or punishing your enemies or the souls of those who also have sinned in life you gain Holy or Unholy experience in order to gain lvls in the corresponding section, gaining you more abilities and stats to buy using souls you get by killing hells minions. In this game there are many pits ie: swamps, bottomless, lava, and boiling blood which is all fine but when itís mixed in with some bad camera angles, and lack of invisible walls in key points you will die whether it is your fault or not, and for your information the enemies have no qualms about using those to their advantage.

If this thing does anything right itís the atmosphere, maybe a little too much actually. While they do a good job at showing a different kind of dark, and dreary for all of the levels of hell in the original Inferno, with the dead and the suffering covering the walls, and moans echoing throughout the game, I actually do believe they take a few things a little too far. Some of the enemies and bosses are just grotesque for many reasons, with some that could give Silent Hill a scare, and many others that want nothing more than to eat you, the women in this game take things to a whole new level of gross letís leave it at that, those under 17 shouldnít play it.

This game has many ups and many downs. With the fighting being strong and fluid and the game making you feel like youíre really in hell there is much to like for those who are more familiar with this genre, but with spotty camera angles, puzzles that donít just slow the gameplay down but bring everything to a needless halt, long gaps before checkpoints, and obvious attempts for fans with what they do with Danteís Beatrice, for what this game is I beseech people to wait a month until God of War 3 comes out.

I give it a 6.5/10   read

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