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I've been playing video games since the late 90s- Starting with stuff like Pokemon Stadium and Twisted Metal. I'm a huge GameCube and Dreamcast fan. (GameCube is cool. Even had a handle!) I love the old muddy graphics of the past- Especially stuff like Pikmin. Cel-shading is even better too. I'm pretty much anti-Microsoft because of their business practices. (Even though I adore Halo. Not the new Halo- Just Bungie's Halo.)
I also like anime. Not too much- Just Cowboy Bebop. All praise the Bebop. I like DBZ, Naruto, and Inuyasha too- But those series are pretty inferior compared.

FC: 3969-5223-9273 (Sean)
Steam: Hungarian Seagull King
(I'd rather not put my PSN and LIVE- I mostly don't use them anymore. Well- I mostly don't play multiplayer really. I still play single-player on consoles though.)

Did I mention I like Pikmin a lot? Because I do.
(I'd rather not write about all my fandoms- Too many to count.)
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11:10 PM on 07.27.2013

The new consoles are slowly coming upon us- And a lot of people are excited. But, the thing is, I'm more sad than excited. I know that the current gen consoles can't go on forever. I'm just kinda surprised. It feels like it was barely around the corner. (At least for me) Are you guys sad that we're starting another generation of gaming again? (Not disappointed. Just, a feeling of 'Wow, I feel old now'.) 

I'll probably adapt to the new consoles anyway. It'll rub on me and I'll become comfortable with them. The memories of greats like MGS4 are coming back to me- And I'm going to miss when this generation was current. (Just like how I miss the days of the Dreamcast and GameCube.)

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