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I've been playing video games since the late 90s- Starting with stuff like Pokemon Stadium and Twisted Metal. I'm a huge GameCube and Dreamcast fan. (GameCube is cool. Even had a handle!) I love the old muddy graphics of the past- Especially stuff like Pikmin. Cel-shading is even better too. I'm pretty much anti-Microsoft because of their business practices. (Even though I adore Halo. Not the new Halo- Just Bungie's Halo.)
I also like anime. Not too much- Just Cowboy Bebop. All praise the Bebop. I like DBZ, Naruto, and Inuyasha too- But those series are pretty inferior compared.

FC: 3969-5223-9273 (Sean)
Steam: Hungarian Seagull King
(I'd rather not put my PSN and LIVE- I mostly don't use them anymore. Well- I mostly don't play multiplayer really. I still play single-player on consoles though.)

Did I mention I like Pikmin a lot? Because I do.
(I'd rather not write about all my fandoms- Too many to count.)
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I've been watching a series of videos on YouTube from Chris Seavor's personal account- And it's commentary from him and two other devs who originally worked at Rare during the 90s and through it's transition from Nintendo to Microsoft. It's really cool- And I thought it would be great for the Destructoid community to see. It's still on-going and they haven't released a vid in a month. Perfect chance for anyone to catch up. 

Here's the link:

Chris Seavor is also developing a title for the Wii-U in his new company, Gory Detail. 

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