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8:48 PM on 07.27.2009

Last night, I was watching some awesome footage for Muramasa. My friend (a 360 addict who only plays Call of Duty) came over and asked, "Why you like 2D so much?" I responded, "Because it's awesome. I love both 2D and 3D." Now, this my friend is the type of person who won't try anything new, so he is very one-sided.

I love 2D. I have only owned Nintendo Consoles (besides a PS2) since I was born. I'm 16 which means I wasn't there for the old gaming days of yore. But I do absolutely love 2D.

Today, the though came up pagain, so I asked him, "Why don't you like 2D?"

He responded with the most naive, uncalled for, and overall stupidest answer I've ever heard:
"Because it doesn't take much skill to play."

I was baffled. Has this generation of gamers sunk this low? I showed him Contra, Ninja Gaiden (NES), and Blazing Lazers. 2D games have always taken more skill than 3D (with the exception of Mario). He was still stubborn.

"It doesn't take much skill to get good at them..." What kind of a statement is that? The Smash Bros. series takes immense skill to get good at, and it's a 2D playing field... Games from the NES, SNES, Genesis etc. Gamers are too stubborn to look at the past and realize the great gaming giants. Most of those games were extremely hard and only the ost skilled players could get through them...

Have gamers today really been reduced to ONLY first-person shooters? I love them, but what happened to 2D?

He said that 3D games were always better than 2D games. Mostly because they sell more. I brought up Shadow Complex: 3D graphics on a 2D terrain. He said it wouldn't sell more than Gears of War, making it worse.

This generation of gamers is shutting out what made gaming great in the first place. Why? Because developers are leaving 2D behind. I'm not saying to stop making 3D games. No, by all means, I love them, but why does 2D have to die (especially like this)?

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