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Not much about me.
I'm Jasen TraŁmer Tamiia, also known as RJ Tamiia, Self-Proclaimed FurFag General. You've probably seen me around, and if you haven't, you have now ^w^
Such a Furry. yeah.
My art resides on deviantART, FurAffinity, and at blackspiremedia.net: my aspiring multimedia website!

I do many things from draw furry art to electronic music to a buncha other things.

I go to work and I go to school and I go to sleep and I go to Well to bat some heads in. BOINK!

I play a few video games, but mostly Team Fortress 2 is my primary tube-of-crack X3
other than that I play a bit of Half-Life 2, Portal, crystal chronicles, pokemon, mario, patapon, disgaea, silent hill, and thats about it. i think.

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2:05 AM on 04.22.2008
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