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You might think that you've seen this before, and if that's the case then you probably did. Last night my blog got bonked by some unfortunate glitch in the system and this story got lost in the chaos.

The point of this story was to have you know that Borderlands and Left4Dead 2 are both having a 10% promotion right now if you pre-order them from Steam. That means you can grab these beauties for $44.99 a pop. Not bad, right?

Also, AudioSurf is 50% off this weekend on Steam, effecting that it's now $4.99.

I also wanted to point out that if you were considering purchasing Left4Dead 2 and currently have a meager collection of Valve titles, you might consider holding out until the game is released, when you'll be able to pick it up in the Valve Complete Pack, which L4D 2 will surely be added to.

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