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Jared Ramone Burks's blog

Update on journey to be a game programmer
5:51 PM on 04.07.2012
Game school
1:22 AM on 03.05.2012
Game Development Class: Week 6
8:20 PM on 02.26.2012
Game Development Class: Week 5
9:48 PM on 02.21.2012
Game Development Class: Week 4
12:19 PM on 02.09.2012
Cool Virtual DJ Site
4:55 PM on 02.05.2012

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I'm a 20 year old game design student on my way to the gaming industry. My main focus is design, but I also program in java and C#. Animation isn't so far out of my range either, though I've never done it before I'm willing to sit down sometime and get a grasp on it.

I don't play too many video games anymore, but when I do it's mostly League of Legends or Gears of War on the xbox 360.

Where I want to go or what I want to get out of gaming is have a job making them any way I can. Whether I'm working for a AAA company like EA or Epic or be an indie developer, if I can make video games for a living I can die happy.
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What's up everyone, it's been awhile since I last wrote on here, forgive me for that but here's the scoop. Since my last post, I have been working on those two games; from VICOM 110, I have been just updating my team's design document. For those who haven't read my post before, I'm designing the A.I. and User Interface for my team's(ObscureFish) game. Right now we are just about finished with that, and awaiting our instructor's constructive criticism to be better at what we do. For VICOM 115, what I've contributed since my last post on our educational game, was my design of the main, pause, and sound menus(HUD) for the game. And right now I'm currently working on making a security camera and lasers for the game, and making them trigger lights going off, and doors closing. I'll be on break for the next 3 days or so, so until then, game on!

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Jared Ramone Burks
1:22 AM on 03.05.2012

Greetings fellow gamers and or game enthusiast. Its been about two weeks since I last posted; I know you were all eager to read about my experiences and I'm sorry that I've kept you waiting. Well since my last post I have been working on arrays in programming. Kind of tricky at first but I think I got it down. In VICOM110 I have just been working on our team's game design document. As I stated in previous posts, I am designing User Interface(HUD) and Artificial Intelligence but I have also been working on descriptions for enemies and level properties like wind, ice, and falling rocks. Yesterday in my VICOM110 class, we had peer reviews. At first I was worried but then I remembered I have nothing to worry about because I've been on my stuff and I couldn't have been more wrong. I could do better; I was told I need to be on time and I need to step up in my leadership position as scrum master. Also it seems I'm not working up to my potential, which is true. I could be taking on more task, and with that, I need to put my name on the work that I did. I have been working on stuff for our games in both 110 and 115 and not taking credit. Thankfully a classmate told me that, and I realized that by the end of the semester I would have nothing to prove what I did. I got a 4 out of 5. Most people would be satisfied with that but to me that's not acceptable. I will redeem myself...

Lastly in my 115 class, where we're making an educational game, I have been working on camera, and GUI scripts. To be more specific, switching between cameras using button keys as triggers, and the main, pause, and sound menus. That is all that I have been doing up until today. For the next few days I will be polishing the menus and or design doc until we move on to the next sprint or next set of task.
Until then, game on.

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Hello everyone, Jared here with the scoop on game development as a student. So last week I had my test in vicom117. It was on writing loops in pseudo code and explaining what an example program's functions were. I think I did fairly well, and the reason why I say fair is because I got stuck on a part with writing the inner loop for a program. I had a brain fart and couldn't remember how to tell the computer to go back to the beginning of the program once it ran through the 1st and 2nd loop. I ended up just guessing and handed it in; hopefully I was some what correct. For my intro into Comp. simulation & gaming (vicom110) class, the team and I got a lot of work done with designing our mobile game. I spent most of the time working with the level designers since level design and the heads-up-display(HUD) go hand in hand. Our design document is due this Wednesday, and I am a bit nervous about it since there's a lot missing from it. I have a feeling we'll pull through though. Lastly in our production class, we are about at the same place with our game as in vicom 110. Actually, we are slightly further down the line of having it complete than that but far from complete as a separate game. There is a ton of programming that needs to be done, and though I am a noob I am somewhat productive; at least using my resources. Well, this concludes my summery of last week's courses. I hope these post are insightful in anyway, to anyone looking to go to school for gaming. I try to keep these short but if anyone would like more in depth details of my courses I'll try to give my post more content, or if there are any questions feel free to comment or inbox me. I do want reiterate that I enjoy every second of all my gaming classes. I'm not sure if its because I work with an amazing group of students, have such a raw teacher, or its because I go to school for gaming but all of these factors are likely explanations. Thank you for tuning in!!

I am now into my sixth week of my computer simulation and gaming classes. But this is a summary of all of the fifth week. For the first game class of the week, VICOM117, we went over loop statement in programming; More specifically, while looping. We did a few exercises and went over them, not too much to tell about that day because there were a bunch of no shows. A test was scheduled for that day but since many students didn't show the instructor decided to give the exam next week. On Wednesday for VICOM110, our company Obscure Fish decided on what type of game we will be developing. From there we discussed what the essence of the game should be like and delegated roles for the areas that each member of our group would be working in. I am assigned to design A.I.(artificial intelligence) and HUD(heads of display) for our game. This should prove interesting; I have no knowledge of A.I. except for the definition, but I am pretty knowledgeable about what a good HUD should be like. As for VICOM115, class was canceled that day. All classes before 5p.m. were canceled due to some administrative junk I believe, but me and four other students decided to come in and work on our educational game anyway because we are the real deal; we take our games seriously. *Achievement Unlocked:100GamerScore*(for the Gears fans out there). Anyway, we got a lot of planning out of the way and cleaned up our design logs. I'd say it was a productive day regardless of there only being 5 members of the team present. Later that day I went to our school's game club, MATC Mother Ship meeting. There, we got to listen to two great presentations from industry professionals; Nick Wichert of Vet Transfer and Matt Friedel of Jam Mobile. Nick spoke to us about entrepreneurship and Matt talked about mobile app development. They were very inspirational and I gained a lot of insight from them. That about wraps it up for this week. Stay tuned for more..me learning!!!

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Hey everyone, so this is the fourth week into my courses. I didn't specify my classes before and the order in which I go through them each week, so to get that out of the way, For my first class of the week Logic in gaming(VICOM117), second in the week is Intro into Computer simulation & Gaming(VICOM110), and Game Production(VICOM115); VICOM stands for visual communications. I also take an intro in C# programming class since my emphasis is on game proggramming and English, and Math as general courses but that's the boring stuff, I'm here to talk about game development. I didn't talk about last week much, the only thing new was that in my Logic class we(the students) split into three groups and had to make a game out of 5 randomly selected cards from a standard deck of playing cards(clubs, spades, king, jack, ect...). This week we played each other's games, learned about loops in programming and practiced them in word problems to apply it in real situations like making a flower database for a plant store. In my VICOM110 class yesterday, we discussed working agreements like a real company would and are conducting research for our game that we'll(Obscure Fish) be making soon. Today in production class, we are beginning to plan for another game we have to make that must be educational. Not too many details are to be given since this project is to be somewhat confidential but also because we are just starting out. Well that's it for this week. Any news will be posted asap, thanks for tuning in!

Hey everyone, I just wanted to show you this cool site my teacher shared with me and the class. It's turntable.fm I don't know how new it is but its new to me. You can join a room and listen to other people's music and wait to Dj to share your own music. And Its streamed so that's great for artist to get publicity without their stuff being downloaded for free. It's a lot like Pandora except real people are picking the music. I'm currently in a room by myself because I wanted to play some music from videogames that I like, and can you believe there's no one in any of the Game Music rooms?? I was shocked, so I just had to DJ. Come listen in on my tunes and share some of your own here! http://turntable.fm/videogame