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Japanese-Bobtail's blog

7:22 AM on 09.14.2009


Long time no see.

It was influenza.!!!!!(;O;)

I was absent from the company for five days.

However, it was lucky at the same time. is possible to play in the games!!!!!!Yahoooo!!!

Thus,I obtained the new game . (^V^)

Title of game:LOVE PULS
Genre:love Simulation
Manufacturer:KONAMI (The same company as METAL GEAR SOLID Can you believe?)

It is software paid attention to most in Japan now.

It is a game that makes the girlfriend.

It is not in a usual game.

The name is called, it often talks, and the hairstyle and clothes change.

A high escort of the difficulty is demanded !!

and.......KISS !!!!!!

The Japanese will not be able to be gotten to know as this game doesn't exist.   read

8:41 AM on 09.03.2009

Thing on desk?

Today introduces the thing on the desk.

1.Loved hobbies(figure)  Do you understand what character it is?

2.Game controller(X-BOX360&Wii)

I like simulation game.
However, younger brother loves war game.

It is always a scramble for the game.
The hobby of the game doesn't suit younger brother.
It is natural !!   read

10:04 AM on 09.01.2009


[color=blue]Nice to meet you.

I am a person named Japanese Bobtail that lives in Japan.
It likes "OOKAMI" of the game, and the link has been traced from Japan.

It is a site where my work is published by that token. The work is made from clay. The name is NORA「のら」.

The friend of OTAKU wants it.
Please continue your favors toward everybody.

English cannot be spoken. (--;)[/color]   read

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