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11:58 PM on 04.11.2009  

Valkyria Chronicles is Animu-tastic.

So as Colette Bennett said a while ago, Valkyria Chronicles is getting an anime adaptation by A-1 Studios... Guess what? it was out the 4th of January in Japan, "But i don't understand Japanese and I suck" you might think, well yes you do (just like me 'cause i dont understand it either) BUT, on march the fansub of the first episode was out the project is being made by Ayako Fansubs, and since i'm a lazy jerk who does nothing but watch pr0n on web, I didn't get a dtoid account until a few minutes ago, so its until now that im gonna post a link to download the first episode and ask you guys what do you think of this translation to a new media (I think it is AWESOME!).

Valkyria Chronicles FTW!

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