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Jamie McGinn avatar 10:55 AM on 05.17.2011  (server time)
The Dtoid Europe SIMulation Experiment 2.0 - Episode 4

The long wait for the occupants of house 4 is over! Love, life and death await us in this exciting episode!

From left to right:
Simon (Sitting)

We join Jake, Kyle and Simon getting there grove on in the cluuuub

Francis is dating a hot blonde named Jolina who moves in with him

Jake and Gibbo relax together in the hot tub. Naked of course.

Kyle and Gavin share a strictly platonic snuggle.

Simon and Gibbo do the horizontal mambo

Francis cheats on Jolina with Jake!

Gavin and Kyle give in to their longings

Jake heads off to work wearing nothing but a towel. Seán watches from afar...

Oh shit! Jolina is pregnant with Francis' child!

Gavin rejects Gibbo's very well dressed advances.

Now that he is now going to be a father, Francis does the only thing he can, check himself out in the mirror.

Jake leaves work and feels slightly creeped out.

Having reconsidered Gibbo's advances, Gavin tries to seduce Gibbo, who turns the tables and rejects him!

Francis starts to think he might have made a mistake

Gavin, haunted by his rejection from Gibbo, runs away from the pain. All the way to Egypt.

There is no caption that would do this picture justice. Not even this one.

Gavin blends in seamlessly with the locals, showing much respect for their customs.

Jake and Kyle do the no pants dance

Francis gets home from his job as a chef to find Jolina going into labour! He handles the situation with grace.

Where there is life, there is death. Gavin was sleeping peacefully in his tent when he was struck by a meteor! Maybe he's OK though?

Whelp, I guess not.

The ghost of Gavin pleads for his life with the Grim Reaper to no avail. He will be missed :(

Francis and Jolina arrive home with their new baby boy! They name him Gavin.

And on that bittersweet bombshell, that's the end of episode 4! Hope you enjoyed it!

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