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A PC gamer at heart, but with soft spot for consoles, Jamie is very passionate about games.

A long term fan of Destructoid, he now makes his own video series called "Challenge Scot", in which he attempts to complete various self imposed challenges in different games.

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Finally! The eagerly awaited (by me) next episode is here! Due to getting a new MAXIMUM EVERYTHING PC (With blue go faster lights) there was a bit of a delay, but enough excuses and onwards to Sim shenanigans!

From left to right:
Chris (sitting)

Presenting House 3!

Gale and Jordan set the tone for the episode early.

Meanwhile, Chris chill out at the beach. He can't help but feel like he's being watched for some reason.

Germany and Mikey go to the park and touch books.

Aidan is probably about to be mistaken for a spy.

Jordan heads to the gym, in style!

Is Gale playing an amazing game, or watching amazing porn? You decide!

Germany check out his sexy self in the mirror for a few hours. HOURS.

Aidan makes the moves on a married older woman whilst her husband looks on.

Jordan has actually broken into someone house in order to clean their dishes. Thankfully they aren't in.

Mikey and Chris feel like making love. Three times in a row actually.

Out of fucking nowhere Germany slaps the shit out of Gale.

Some illicit three way book touching action. Cameo by kyle!

Gale, Aidan and Chris decide to visit the local graveyard and explore the mausoleum, as you do.

Germany lays the smack down on some random girl in the street.

Aidan tries to sex up some Gale, but he's not having any of it.

Chris and Jordan play a game of hide the sausage. Poor Mikey.

Chris and Jordan go for some post coitus skinny dipping. Gale does not approve.

Germany attacks Gale for no reason!

Germany's reign of terror continues!

Gale (Who is a fireman now) starts dating a Granny called Yumi and asks her to move in! GILF! GILF! GILF!

Yumi gets no special treatment from Germany.


From literal fires, to the fires of infidelity, Chris and Cop Jordan go at it again.

Oh shit! Busted!

Germany gropes Gale's Granny Girlfriend!

And on that illicit alliteration bombshell, that's the end of Episode 3!
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