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Jamie McGinn avatar 8:26 AM on 04.13.2011  (server time)
The Dtoid Europe SIMulation Experiment 2.0 - Episode 1

Yes! It's back! With one hell of a cumbersome title! I decided to do a quick reboot of this project and add a couple of choice mods to up the hilarity. So without further ado, let the shenanigans begin!

They say the beginning is a very good place to start, so onward to the new House 1!

From left to right:
Craig (sitting)

As another slight change, each house will be unique! I downloaded random houses online, so it's the luck of the draw as to the quality of their abode. Lets have a look at where our heroic sims shall be living.

Maurice is found diligently spending his free time writing up some reports for his job as a police lieutenant. (The game somehow glitched and promoted him 5 times before his first day)

Craig and Seán don't get off to the best of starts

Elsewhere, Maurice and Phil aren't exactly hitting it off. Maurice is such a Troll (Y u mad tho?)

Seto avoids the chaos and chill out with a good book. (Point Farmer: The Story of Grand Rodiek)

Nik also relaxes in the world of words. (The Adventures of Raymundo)

The next day, everyone is up early to read more books! READIN' ALL UP IN THIS MOTHER. Clothing is optional.

Craig bucks the book trend, opting instead to watch some telly.

Maurice spends his day off driving around town in his very own Cop car.

Tragedy strikes as the TV breaks! Seto sets about fixing it, using nothing but a screwdriver.

It worked!

Nik heads out to work his first day as a paper boy. (Unintentional nekkid Phil sighting)

Maurice heads off to the station, who doesn't love a man in uniform?

Speaking of uniforms, don't let anyone say you can't pull of pink, Craig.

Later on, Nik gets stuck in to a broken shower. (Seán did it)

Craig and Army Seto (with kung-fu grip) settle down after a hard days work and play some videogames.

Seán calls Maurice out on being a mean bastard. Which he totally is.

For some reason that I'm sure made sense to him at the time, Craig decides to give himself a sponge bath in the middle of the kitchen.

Feeling fresh, Craig retires to his bed to relax and is joined by Seán...

Wait what..

Oh God, looks like we're about to see our first official Sim shag!


And on that cockteasing bombshell, that's the end of episode 1!

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