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Jamie McGinn's blog
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12:12 PM on 02.26.2011

"Storming The Podcastle" Movie script discovered!

Reposting this blog because I was silly and put it up on the weekend when the site was dead. Thanks to all those that did comment on it though! Whilst walking my sisters dog (I'm a nice guy, aren't I?), I happened upon a ra...   read

1:05 PM on 01.28.2011

The Dtoid Europe SIMulation Experiment: Episode 3

Welcome weary travellers! Welcome to the (possibly) last episode of the Dtoid Europe SIMulation Experiment! Sorry for the delay, but then again most gamers should be used to waiting for Episode 3! God damn I'm hilarious, sexy...   read

1:09 PM on 01.10.2011

The Dtoid Europe SIMulation Experiment: Episode 2

Welcome back for part 2 of the continued simulated shenanigans of Dtoid Europe. Sorry that this took so long to get posted, but I was pretty ill! I only recently regained my sense of taste! (Taste is AWESOME by the way) Sinc...   read

7:54 AM on 01.03.2011

The Dtoid Europe SIMulation Experiment: Episode One

Come one! Come all! Bare witness to an extravaganza the likes of which you have never seen before! Ok maybe that isn't true, but hello all the same. I thought it would be a neato idea if I was to offer the fine and sexy peo...   read

11:10 AM on 10.06.2010

Dtoid UK: My Curse & My Cure

It would appear that I have somewhat of a curse hanging over my head when it comes to Destructoid meet ups. For PAX 09, I bailed on the last day due to falling terribly ill, I still feel I made the right call but I still won...   read

8:59 AM on 06.08.2010

Dtoid/Capcom Prize EPIC Unboxing!

I awoke this morning (9:17am to be precise!) to a loud banging, the kind of banging that can only be made when someone decides to ignore the letterbox and bang their fists against the door as if all of Hells minions were afte...   read

9:02 PM on 05.19.2010

Crazy Cowboy Ballerina Horses - Red Dead Redemption Video

Whelp, I reckon it be about time I dun did another one of them fancy vidja thingies. Ok I'm going to stop that now. This video doesn't really have much of a point to it, I'm just loving this game so much that I felt like I had to make some kind of video. I hope you enjoy it! :D   read

3:45 PM on 04.06.2010

Happy Birthday Genki!

Happy Birthday Genki!   read

10:09 AM on 03.13.2010

Thank You For Supporting Interactive Drama

I believe that this video makes as much sense as the actual plot for Heavy Ra-JASON? JAY-SON! JASON! SHAAAAUUUUUNNNNNN!   read

6:59 PM on 05.14.2009

Euro FNF: Bionic Commando edition in HD!!

It may be swinging in a bit late, but it sure looks pretty! Wow, working in HD sure was a learning experience. Takes bloody ages to convert those files! I hope you enjoy the recap! (Make sure you watch in HD!)   read

9:29 AM on 03.28.2009

I got Interviewed for being Internet Famoose™

The following is an interview that took place a few weeks ago for the British newspaper the Daily Evening. DailyEvening: So what inspired you to make “Left 4 Bed”? TYS: Well, ever since I was a small child I’ve always had a...   read

8:40 AM on 03.22.2009

Epic Euro FNF Recap Video

This would be longer, but I got bored. Enjoy! For best viewing you should probably go to youtube to watch it in high quality, but if you're too lazy to do that, I don't judge you, much. (Also, this took AGES to fucking edit, not that you'd know of course)   read

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