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I think about games all the damn time, and I hate getting screwed up and sold out by old rich white nerds.

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James Andrews
3:40 PM on 02.11.2010

This is not the time to be making more of these games. Think about it, Samurai Showdown is turning into the Sonic of fighting franchises. One crappy 3D implementation of the classic 2D gameplay after another, and all fans want is a return to the old style of game. What gives? The problem is that 3d models are now probably easier to create than sets of 2D sprites. This wasn't always the case however, but back in the the early 2000s you HAD to make a 3D game to be relevant, to even get approval for the project. So back then they blew millions on making convincing 3D models because they had to. Now it's just easier. THIS is the problem I effing guarantee it, and there's just enough sycophantic fanboys to float this turd on the honorable corpse of what used to be SNK.

Now I worshiped SSII, and I made it my life's work to beat that game on a quarter once upon a time, but unless I can ride a train to a parallel dimension where 3D fighters were outlawed by the emperor I will never see it's like again.

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