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James Forward's blog

12:26 PM on 03.06.2010

Goddammit Nintendo and Sony.

Nintendo recently released, in the UK, the Nintendo DSi XL system. As a closet Nintendo fanboy, naturally I bought one. I fucking love it. It's basically the Nintendo DSi made even better with bigger brighter screens and a generally comfier (albeit heavier feel).

Okay, so why am I goddamming Nintendo? Well, because of how many DSes they've brought out recently. They brought out the Nintendo DSi in like, April 2009. APRIL 2000 AND FUCKING NINE. And this is released less than a year later. No doubt they'll release the Nintendo DSi Not Quite XL But Still Fairly Big by next year too. HOW THE HELL AS A NINTENDO FAN AM I SUPPOSED TO AFFORD THIS T_T I've already got to be looking forward to the heaps of games on the Wii, 360, PS3, PSP, DS, etc. I swear this gen I'm going to refuse buying any more DS's. Here's hoping the XL is the last one. And next generation, I am definitely just sticking with the first DS2 released as opposed to buying every update. God dammit.

Sony aren't exactly in the right either. First they release the PSP1000, 2 years later release the PSP2000 (Yes, it took them two years to release their first update, unlike Nintendo who smelled the moneybandwagon with the DS Lite about a year later), then less than a year for the 3000 (iirc. It could've been later, I forget.), and then less than another year for the PSPGo, which incidentally removed features and backwards compatibility for an insane amount of price.

As a Sony... slight fan, this pissed me off. I like owning every console in a generation, I don't know why, but I specifically missed the PSP3000. Yer, not the Go, I thought it was shmexii. Most of the games I got on the PSP1/2000 were from PSN anyway,so I could just redownload them, not much lost with my games library. The only games I had on UMD were a few shitty titles like MGS: Portable Ops and Crisis Core. Well, Crisis Core wasn't shit, but I could easily make the sacrifice of it for the PSPGo, it wasn't amazing.

So what's the deal with constantly revising the systems? If you want to look good, make the perfect system from the off. Of course, it's all about money over pride in your company, but... Let the consumer trust you they're getting the "complete" product from the off. A lot of your userbase must feel screwed over when a new, better system is being released.

Anyway that's my rant, feel free to contradict me whenever~   read

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