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yo watup evry1 im jamz_dL4cro1uX an im up in diz beeyohc freestlyn u no i bust dem mad rhymz mak yo moma b up on dat flo getin low wit my homboyz wile i b gost rydn dat wip u no i thiz on da hud whil da car stil rolin

+thizz or die+

I also hate blogs.

Gen. Consoles: Xbox 360
Email: James.Delacroiux@gmail.com
Gamertag: Jean Proctor
Powers: Wife-beating, JavaScript, parking like an asshole, time-traveling, time-traveling like an asshole, Inuyasha, writing fanfictions
Weaknesses: The Red Skull
Power level: Wife-beating, JavaScript, parking like an asshole, time-traveling, time-traveling like an asshole, Inuyasha, writing fanfictions
Hopes and dreams: I want my own ring of kamikaze prostitutes that doubles as an assassination organization for double the profit, a job, disposable income, a Wii, Brawl, GTAIV, CoD4, and to uh, "freestylin dis bitch while ah ghost ride on the d-low!!"
Dislikes: The name "Reaprar," blogs, the use of the term "blog" as a verb, people who use the term "blog" as a verb, bitches, hos, area codes, pop culture, Disney, enthalpy, free energy, redox reactions, unemployment, John Wilkes Booth
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Boy do I love blogs blogs are my life if I could blog instead of go to school I think that I would but I also have a problem because in addition to blogging I'm totally in love with writing fanfictions and for those of you n00bz (loljk) who don't know what fanfictions are well boy let me tell you well first I'll tell you all about my favorite animes see I love Inuyasha because that Inu-sama is just sooooooo kawaii but he's a really deep character and he's been through so much pain and I think that we can all relate to the problems that he faces god that bitch Kagome needs to stfu and go home cuz Kikyo and Inu-sama could get back together if it wasn't for her god this makes me even madder than when they canceled The O.C. fuckin that was my show right there and those assholes went and took it off the air god anyways another anime that I enjoy is Dragonball GT because super saiyajin 4 goku is REALLY POWERFUL and I'm a pretty strong guy myself so I relate to him and I'm always fighting everyone else for my friends too so I can relate to goku and ike anyways my fanfictions are really good because I give my characters really deep insightful persons so when they go on adventures with Inu and Gokuchan everything is really important and I use fourshadowing and suspence and other great literary tactics so my writings is maximum k to da ool but fanfictions.net kicked me off cuz they were jealous of my dope skillz and then my friend Reaprar told me about this awesome new place topost my fanfictions so here I am rock you like a hurricane I hope to make many friends and find a lot of talenting writers and maybe even find a partner or an publisher to publish my books hey if you wanna be in my fanfictions just tell me and I'll add your character too or we can just play on the xbox lyVe (that's what we call it on the lJ [that's what we call it on the g414 {that's what we call it in the anime club}]) and I'll add your gamertag as your characters secret identity so people can't find his family and hurt them with bad things!!! HI EVERYONE ^________________^

In other news, since I haven't had the necessary disposable income to buy anything since near-December, I've been playing Halo 3 and Halo 3 alone for about seven months. I don't have a job, and I'm about $250 in the hole.

That being said, I can't get GTAIV, and that being said, I can't get in on the GTAIV FNFs, review new releases, or do most anything I'd ever imagine doing with a blog.

But, the summer's coming soon, and with the summer comes employment opportunities, and with employment comes income, and with income comes happiness. So fuck you, everyone; you've got my happiness.

Fuck you, and hello.