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Jakysan avatar 11:51 PM on 09.13.2007  (server time)
My beautiful wife... is addicted to my 360.

My wife. I love her dearly. But tonight, I went to drop a deuce, came out to the living room, and shes on my Xbox 360 playing Test Drive Unlimited. GAAAAH! NO! My turn to play! I should never had told her that in that game she can be a girl racer, buy mansions, and also, heres the clincher, buy shoes for her girl racer in the game. She literally is trying to progress in the game... to buy shoes.

I can't just kick her off! Since we've been dating shes said she would let me play the games I wanted and she would have no interest in the 360. Well, since we've been married, shes fell in love with the Xbox Live Arcade games I have. She kicks my tail at Soltrio Solitaire.. but don't let me play her at anything else. She hates losing. So, we play alot of Guitar Hero and Solitaire. She likes the idea of Co-Op games. I'm going to try my damndenest to get her into Halo 3, but it will take work. I got her to try Halo 2 Co-Op. She liked it, once she got used to the controls. But she hated the fact that I shot "EVERYTHING ON THE STUPID SCREEN!".

We're still newly weds. Only been married for two months come this next week. Everythings awesome. But trying to figure her out and figuring out which games she likes or doesn't like to play, is driving me insane.

Oh well, time to surf teh web.


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