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8:25 PM on 01.04.2012  

Predictions: Indie Games

2011 was a ok year for indie games, Fez got delayed, Retro City Rampage got delayed, and Minecraft got released.

Next year might be as good.

My predictions (extracted from my cat's brain on a professional lab table) for indie games are...

1. Retro city rampage will be released on Steam.

2. Fez will be delayed.

3. Mojang will buy a money filled pool, and sadly notch will drown in it, and there will be a server created in memorial of his name.

4. WiiU and/or PS vita will have a shop for User generated software (games, apps, etc.), and hopefully as open as android's market compared to IPhone's market.

5. And finally, Lord Cthulhu will arise from the depths of the ocean (in Santa Cruz of course) to make the best indie game EVER.


7:06 PM on 08.10.2011  

The Blinding of Isaac on Steam

i guess so   read

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