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6:02 AM on 07.30.2011

If the Arcades made a comeback...

Would you go to an arcade? I was in Philly for a concert once and afterwards me and my friend stumbled into a video game store. Right in front of the game store though were people playing Marvel vs Capcom 3. The atmosphere of the place was amazing for such a small cramped area. At my college there is an area where people can bring in their video game systems and play with their college buddies. Again the atmosphere is very light hearted and fun. I was thinking it would be cool if arcades would make a come back. How would they make a profit though? Would gamers even pay to leave their house and play games somewhere else? I would do so. It is the same thing as going to the movies. People pay for all forms of entertainment, so why not video games?

This is a short and simple blog. I really want lots of feedback though. The reason being is I think I am in the early stages of deciding whether or not to open up my own arcade. I live in a town with not much to do. There is the movie theater and and that is about it. I wanna inject some life into my area and I think opening an arcade would be a hit.   read

3:14 PM on 07.20.2011

Fighting Games:DLC or Expansion?

I was going to propose this question a few days ago when I first read the rumors that there would be Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3. Now that it is official I think it is only appropriate to let the cat out of the bag. What would you rather have? An expansion like Ultimate MvC3 and SFAE or just DLC like Mortal Kombat.

Personally I like the expansion games better. I know what I am getting right away and there is nothing more to be concerned about. If the developers want to release more content afterwards then they can go ahead and do that too. The great thing about the expansions is that they are at discounted prices. I would rather pay $40 for an expansion pack as opposed to full price for a full blown sequel. BUT! MK has been doing fighting DLC better than Capcom IMO. MK has been releasing one character at a time for $5. Along with the characters are the compatibility updates, which Im assuming means you can play opposing players who have those DLC characters even if you didn't buy them. These compatibility updates have new skins for the characters as well. As an avid fighting game lover there is nothing better than dressing up my guys with new uniforms. One thing I consider when purchasing the DLC is if it is really worth $5. If MK releases upto 10 new characters over the life span of the game I will have payed $50 assuming I buy all the new characters. With the Capcom expansions it is roughly $3.50 when packaged ($40=price/12=#characters) These are tough decisions to make in an economic low point for man.

SO I guess really the question is, do you break the bank once or burn a whole in your pocket every time one of your favorite game releases new DLC?

PS. Comcast doesn't have Jurassic Park. Fuck them for that.   read

12:44 AM on 07.02.2011

Caving for Video games!

Well I did it. I bought Minecraft. In a nutshell I'm addicted to the game already. So I guess this is a review.

Mine shit.

3d 8 bit??????

Scary when dimly lit??????????

Loving it with every, shit, used, bit, why use lit?? Aha!! TIT

For reallzz though this game is scary as shit. When I play it I just want to create things. When I go into caves at night (game time) I can hear zombies and growling even super far down into a cave. Most times there is nothing around. This game is a psycho mind fuck.   read

1:22 AM on 06.17.2011

I Beat A Game. Lets Talk About That: Assassin's Creed Brotherhood

Oh its late. Thunder was rumbling through my area and woke me up. In the ultimate gamer fashion I popped in a game to make me fall asleep. As we all know, that is not how you fall asleep. Instead I played about 45 minutes of Assassin's Creed Brotherhood and beat it. This is the first game I have beat on my PS3 since I got it in January so I feel weird, disappointed, and happy at the same time.

So lets talk about Brotherhood. Honestly if you read one of my earlier blogs you will see that I have never had any interest in an AC game before. I have a friend that is really really really x23489 Really into this game. As much as he tried to get me into it I just couldn't pick myself up to play it. That all changed once I saw the trailer for Revelations while watching this years E3 coverage. I rushed to my Gamestop and picked up a copy of Brotherhood and it has been in my PS3 ever since.

I never really reviewed a game before so this is going to be like a cliff notes game review.

The game is graphically beautiful. Rome is very nice to traverse and there is enough variation to keep the player interested in the surroundings. Ezio(the main protagonist) is a badass. His uniform is a direct reflection of badass. The main antagonist Cesare is pretty cool looking too. He kinda reminds me of the WWE wrestler CM Punk.

The game play is very easy to get used to. It's not easy by any means but its not the hardest. It is easy enough for a noob like me to pick it up and not feel like Im behind the curve. The combat system is a little funky. I found that sometimes when I had an enemy highlighted to attack him next the player would attack the closest person instead. There are some really good challenges with free running.

The story is what I want to talk about the most here. I loved everything that had to do with Ezio and Cesare and the Assassin's Guild. It was such an engaging story that I never wanted it to end. The stuff with Desmond on the other hand is what irked me. As I never played a previous AC title before I had no clue there was this alternate universe that created everthing that was happening in Rome. I had always presumed the game was about Assassin's in Rome. Not people that are in a dream world controlling Assassin's in Rome. While those parts of the game were enjoyable I felt like they were taking away from what was really important, and that is that you are an assassin in Rome trying to assassinate people. The ending was just bizarre. After the climax of Ezio's story you are shoved back into reality as Desmond. You are going through the colosseum and this ghost woman that showed up once in the beginning is just talking about stuff that I could care less about. The twist at the end was awesome but I felt super pissed after I realized I beat the game and the credits started rolling. I wanted to know more about Ezio. Everything leading up to the ending of the game had me believing that it was not over and that there would be more to do in this game. It was such an abrupt ending that I was kinda put off by it. After the credits were done you got shoved back into the game as Ezio to complete any side quests that you wanted to. I just feel like there could have been more to the story that what was presented at the end there.

All things said, I was really happy I picked this one up. As the first game I beat on PS3 I was really satisfied. This is the game that kept me occupied for the better part of last week. I still feel like playing through it just to get 100% everything.

9/10. Buy it. Kill one of your friends to get it.

And yes it's still thundering here in Pennsylvania.   read

10:25 PM on 06.10.2011

The Trailers that work.

The one thing that has drawn my utmost attention this E3 is the fantastic job developers have done on producing beautiful trailers for their games. The very first trailer I saw was for Assassin's Creed Revelations. Everything about the trailer tickled my fancy. The stunning graphics. The heavy yet appropriate music. Everything about the trailer has made me excited for the game.

After viewing the trailer I dived into a mini obsession for Assassin's Creed. I watched all the game play videos provided on youtube and even went as far as purchasing AC:Brotherhood. The game is still sitting in my PS3 and will probably not be removed until I get that usual overplay fatigue. Now whats making this a phenomenon is that fact that I have never had a serious interest in Assassin's Creed before. I had played the PSP title but that was the extent of my time with the brand. I can even recall going to Gamestop several times and the cashier would ask the usual, "do you want to reserve anything?" I would reply with a no and when the cashier began to suggest games and Assassin's Creed was one I would retort with "I've never been interested in Assassin's Creed enough to pay $60 for it." The trailer has changed that for me.It was a trailer that raped my mind with the contents of a three minute music video for a video game.

The Revelations trailer is not the only video game that has had a rippling effect. Remember when Dead Island first debuted the family trailer on Youtube. It blew up like a grenade in a FPS. At that moment my interest for everything zombies was heightened. When Brink first hit the internet I went on a mad dash to find what I could just to be disappointed that there was only one trailer for it at the time. Whoever is directing the trailers of these games should be given awards. They are doing their jobs to a tee. If a game developer asked me to put together a trailer to sell a game I wouldn't be able to reproduce anything as close to what some of these guys are doing.

(looking at the clock. its taking me a long time to write this.)

So TL:DR Trailers that work are awesome. Unless the game ends up not doing well.(Brink!!)   read

8:50 AM on 06.07.2011

E3 from a person at keeping up at home.

OMG!! E32011. WOOOO!!!!

Lets see. Whats G4 doing. *click* live coverage. Awesome

HMMM!! Destructoid? Even awsomer live coverage and stuff.

Gee. I wish I was there.

More seriously I was watching all the coverage I could muster up, but only after I realized it was going on. I missed Microsoft's and EA's conference and caught most of Ubisoft's conference but somehow missed Far Cry 3. Then came Sony. And I believe it wen't from a gaming conference to a business conference. Man I couldn't have been more bored with something pertaining to video games. I thought listening to the Caffeine guy was pretty horrible but funny. Sony had turned that guy into a...well...MR.CAFFEINE!!!

Well what I did catch was pretty awesome. The new Ghost Recon looks promising. As one of the first online shooters I ever played Im more exited for it than MW3. YOU KNOW YOU SAW THAT COMING!!!!! I've never really been into Assassins Creed. The trailer they showed completely blew my mind. The game play looked fantastic too. That's pretty much all I remember from Ubisoft.

Sony's conference got me really pumped for the Vita. There was one game, I think it was called Ruin, that looked like a Diablo rip off. Im a sucker for Diablo rip offs. The touch cababilities for Mod Nation Racers looked really fun to play with. Uncharted on this thing looked amazing too. Besides from that there was nothing that really stuck out to me from Sony. They did nothing for the PS3 except provided more features that Im not going to use. Quirocity. No. Netflix. Maybe if Im desperate to see a movie. The TV was meh. I still don't want to buy Move. Overall I was pretty bored with Sony.

My overall grade for what I saw on day one was a 8/10. If I watch Microsoft or EA's conference I will update this blog.

E32011 WOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

Oh if you missed the Destructoid live show after Sony's conference you missed these lines.

xbox live blow up doll

the draw distance outside is insane.   read

4:10 PM on 05.31.2011

Remember when playing online was fun? Or am I just an online loner?

There has always been this thought in the back of my mind that the original days of Xbox live(on the original xbox) were way better then the cursing little kid jungle that it has sort of become today. When I first ventured into online territory I owned the original Xbox. I was 13 or 14 at the time. Young enough to be considered a stupid little kid. My main games back then were Halo 2, Project Gotham Racing, and Need For Speed Most Wanted. If I remember correctly I almost never cursed somebody out over the internet. Mainly because I feared that one of my parents would hear me yelling Fuck you about a thousand times for no reason, question if this is really what I should be doing, then take away my system. Instead I remember getting into serious relationships with the people I would encounter. The racing games had this vast community of people that would share their secretes about their cars and all sorts of things pertaining to that game. With this community came a sense of companionship. I could go on every day and talk to some random stranger without the risk of being molested or even worse, cursed out by some little(r) kid.

Maybe it was just the nature of the games. NFS:MW and PGR were very in depth games at the time. Everybody had a collection of differently tuned cars. Everybody had their favorite tracks. It was almost like a car club for people that could not drive. Most of all the people during that time would talk. Some of the most intelligent online dialogues I ever remembered would take place over these races. What is the point of sitting online and playing a game if you are not going to socialize? The conversations where not just about the game either. I could go on and talk about anything and somebody would at least be interested enough to make conversation that lasted longer than some one telling me to STFU.

Durring these days of online gaming I made serious friends, one of which I still talk to almost 6 years later. I had a small group of about 4 other people that would play these games everyday. We would get together and spend days just playing and talking together. This lasted for at least six months. Then the group slowly drifted apart. Newer systems came out and not everybody got them right away. At this point of my online voyage playing socially with other people turned into ignoring everything. That is until Call of Duty Modern Warfare came out. Once MW came out talking to people became a normal habit again. Even my real life friends joined the game. We would sit around and play MW religiously. Then it started happening. Insults started flying around about as fast the hatred for Jersey Shore grew. I remember spending one night playing with about nine of my friends. The whole three hours consisted of three kids going at each other. Some of the most ridiculous insults I have ever heard were being told. Every once in a while one of the other six people would chime in and start flinging insults at other people. The more this group played the more it turned into my friends vs everybody else. It wasn't just one night like this either. It was pretty much every time I went to play Modern Warfare with this group. Finally I just stopped playing video games for a while. If I did pick up a video game it was some single person game that I could play by myself, or I just simply would not talk to anybody if I did decide to go online. Why would I want to litter what is supposed to be an enjoyable experience with people insulting each other? It doesn't make sense. It's funny every once in a while but every time Im playing I don't wanna hear some 20 year old telling a 15 year old boy to go jerk off into his mothers face then go to bed.

I tend to think that I'm not the only person that went through something like this. To often I will go into an online game and hear crickets chirping instead of people talking. Could it be that the PS3 community is not as rambunctious as the 360 community.(I own a PS3 now and not a 360 anymore) I own several of the same games. Black Ops seems to be the same type of people. Little kids and grown men in their 20s just yelling at each other. Sometimes people will be talking about what set up they use on their game and thats about it. Maybe I just don't care enough to make an effort to socialize with people. Maybe that horrible time playing MW with my friends has scarred me enough to prevent me from socializing online. I can't even remember the last time I added a random person on Xbox live or PS3. I have my small group of real life friends and that's it.

Every once in a while I will hear glimpses of what was a fantastic period of gaming for me. I will hear a group of people just talking about things. Socializing with no cares. Making friends. It makes me happy to know that there are still just genuinely nice people playing video games. I wish more people were like that.

PS. After reading this I realized that owning a PS3 kinda makes things better. I don't have to pay $50 a month to listen to someone insult me. LOL!!!!!

PSS. Next time I'll post something where Im not bitching. :D   read

3:25 PM on 05.20.2011


See that price. It's the price of Minecraft right now. It's a price that is plaguing my head at the current moment. I have more than $21.95. Still, it seems like a lot of money for a game that is not even finished. So let me give you some background on me first so you can relate.

Im a college student with a job. I love video games. The last 3 months I've poured a ton of money into video games. Im like a little kid in a candy shop, but this candy shop has $0.05 candy and I have $50.00 to spend. In the last month alone I purchased Mortal Kombat, Brink, Team Fortress 2, Dragon Quest 9 and found a renewed passion for Magic the Gathering. I think it is safe to say I've got stuff to keep me occupied.

So back to Minecraft. I played this game for a very brief period of time about a year ago. I played it by myself, It was very fun creating stuff but had nothing much more to offer because I never hooked up with other people. Back then the price of the game was $14 something. The only thing that kept me from buying the game then was that I had no job. Flash forward to last night. I was sitting on this very site and I saw that Jordan Devore posted his blog about Minecraft possibly getting sky dimensions. I clicked on the link to see the (ATM) small thumbnail picture in a larger setting. For some reason everything I had remembered about the game had gone through a car wash and came out looking even more squeaky and clean then before. As crazy as it sounds the shadows that were on the textures baffled the hell out of me. My major is game design so small stuff like this intrigues me. It took the game to even greater heights. FUCKING SHADOWSSS!!!!!AA Today I spent a good 15 minutes looking a pictures of the game and studying what has changed since I last played. After 2 hours of deliberations between myself I decided, hey I got the money maybe its time to pay for this game! I scurried over to the Minecraft cite and quickly found the price had gone up from $14 something to $21.95. Almost a whole $7 dollar leap. At that point a bomb went off in my head. The mushroom cloud was made of the words, food, gas, food, transportation, consumable edible products, means of going from one place to another, clothes??, food. AHHHHRRRRGGGG!!!!!!! Should I pay $21.95 for this monster of a game? I have the money. Hell even this time around I have people to play it with. But food and gas is so frigging expensive. Do I really want to live off of $30.00 for the next week. I still have to play through Mortal Kombat. I still have to play through Team Fortress 2 and Bri...No I beat Brink. Im at a crossroads. A common one between gamers I think. What should I do? Buy Minecraft or wait till next paycheck.(pending May 21st is not the end of the world.)

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