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Jako21530's blog

6:02 AM on 07.30.2011

If the Arcades made a comeback...

Would you go to an arcade? I was in Philly for a concert once and afterwards me and my friend stumbled into a video game store. Right in front of the game store though were people playing Marvel vs Capcom 3. The atmosphere of...   read

3:14 PM on 07.20.2011

Fighting Games:DLC or Expansion?

I was going to propose this question a few days ago when I first read the rumors that there would be Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3. Now that it is official I think it is only appropriate to let the cat out of the bag. What wou...   read

12:44 AM on 07.02.2011

Caving for Video games!

Well I did it. I bought Minecraft. In a nutshell I'm addicted to the game already. So I guess this is a review. Gameplay: Mine shit. Graphics: 3d 8 bit?????? Sound: Scary when dimly lit?????????? Overall: Loving it wit...   read

1:22 AM on 06.17.2011

I Beat A Game. Lets Talk About That: Assassin's Creed Brotherhood

Oh its late. Thunder was rumbling through my area and woke me up. In the ultimate gamer fashion I popped in a game to make me fall asleep. As we all know, that is not how you fall asleep. Instead I played about 45 minutes of ...   read

10:25 PM on 06.10.2011

The Trailers that work.

The one thing that has drawn my utmost attention this E3 is the fantastic job developers have done on producing beautiful trailers for their games. The very first trailer I saw was for Assassin's Creed Revelations. Everything...   read

8:50 AM on 06.07.2011

E3 from a person at keeping up at home.

OMG!! E32011. WOOOO!!!! Lets see. Whats G4 doing. *click* live coverage. Awesome HMMM!! Destructoid? Even awsomer live coverage and stuff. Gee. I wish I was there. More seriously I was watching all the coverage I could ...   read

4:10 PM on 05.31.2011

Remember when playing online was fun? Or am I just an online loner?

There has always been this thought in the back of my mind that the original days of Xbox live(on the original xbox) were way better then the cursing little kid jungle that it has sort of become today. When I first ventured ...   read

3:25 PM on 05.20.2011


See that price. It's the price of Minecraft right now. It's a price that is plaguing my head at the current moment. I have more than $21.95. Still, it seems like a lot of money for a game that is not even finished. So let me ...   read

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