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Jako21530 avatar 7:48 PM on 11.24.2011  (server time)
So I Brought Three Games!

I am a college student. Every semester I get a check from financial aid for the left over money that I did not have to use on books or room and board because I commute. The amount of money is usually $800. Now the fun part about this extra money is what I can do with it. I still live with my Mom and I have a job so this extra money is spent on video games. With all the blockbuster titles coming out my mind had a field day. I picked up Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, Skyrim, and Forza 4. So I am here to give some general thoughts.

Modern Warfare 3, or should I say not as good as Black Ops? I often have a love hate relationship with shooters. They are super fun but at the same time bring out that break my controller attitude. For the longest time I thought no shooter game could be better than Halo 3. That was until Modern Warfare 2 came out. Modern Warfare 2 was one of the best FPS shooter games ever. Then Black Ops came out and eclipsed Modern Warfare 2 a millionfold. And THEN, Battlefield came out. If you cant tell, all of these games have surpassed one another in terms of my personal taste. The short three week advantage that Battlefield 3 had on MW3 gave me enough time to come to a conclusion that I probably would not buy MW3. But with money often comes burning pockets. So with the extra income I happily got MW3.

I think I have only played the game a total of four hours. Why? Because it has a missing feeling. MW2 and Black Ops had life to them. This game has no life what so ever. I might be missing something but I am pretty sure I'm not the only one with this feeling. I know Im not. At thanksgiving dinner tonight my cousin and her boyfriend both asked me if I had got MW3. When I replied yes they asked if I thought it was better than Black Ops. Instantly all of us agreed that it was no where close to as good as Black Ops. Even my little brother who plays nothing but Call of Duty agreed with our thoughts on the game. It's bland. The guns are unbalanced. There is to much lag at times. But you know what, this game is more lively in terms of people playing it than every other shooter combined right now. Every match a yelling contest. An insult war. Black people cussin and Hispanics screaming into their mics, a blrubrshrmsmsmsaahgaalalaaa. Truly a fun people environment. As for the actual game itself: it's just there. Bland. Lifeless.

Another game I brought was Forza 4. As of Christmas last year my xbox has been out of commission with the damn red light. This time I finally bit the bullet and decided no more fixing the stupid box, just get a PS3. That was all fine and dandy until I realized that I had payed for two years of Live. Once all the AAA Xbox exclusives were released I had to fix the dusty box. At the time the only games I had for it were Halo 3 and Blue Dragon. Really not much time was invested into it. Now with Forza in my possession I have a reason to play XBOX again.

Let me tell you something about Forza. It's a damn fine game. Car porn is an understatement. If I was Sandusky and I had a car fetish instead, I would be playing Forza 24/7. I cannot find a single flaw in this game. The car selection, the graphics, the customization. Everything is perfect. I love the racing genre because of its tight knit community. The racing community is an easy going one and from my days with NFS:Most Wanted and PGR all the way up to Gran Turismo 5, I have never felt more at peace than with the racing genre community. I feel that once I dive deep into the online aspects of Forza it will be like I just walked into home.

Now the last game I brought was Skyrim. Yes! Mother of God! Jizz on my everything. Skyrim is a beast of a game and I love it. My experience with Bethesda made RPG games gets better every time I pick one up. Skyrim is a massive game and I will surly loose months of my life playing Skyrim. What I love about it so far is how challenging it is. I can't just walk up to a bear and blast it's head off. It takes some careful planning when it comes to combat in Skyrim. That sidekick that you get once you get your first dragonshout is a necessity early game. I have been traveling without her and have been killed numerous times because I have run into some difficult opponents. Skyrim really wants to make me work for glory. Challenge accepted. Most people I have talked to about the game have uttered the same ideas. Beautiful graphics, excellent story, and challenging gameplay. That is all I want from my RPGs.

So these were my quick thoughts on the three games I brought over the last week. I hope everybody is having a good thanksgiving!

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