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Jako21530 avatar 10:55 PM on 02.09.2013  (server time)
Next Gen Rumors:D-D-D-D-DAYUM GURL!

There have been lots of rumors coming out for the next gen systems from both Microsoft and Sony. With Sony just 10 Days away from allegedly revealing the PS4 and hopefully Microsoft soon to follow. Kotaku's sister site Ukatok released a joint report from Microsoft and Sony in regards to their new systems.

PS4 - Specs

System Memory: 16GB
Video Memory: 16GB optimized for 16k screen resolution.
CPU: 4x Dual-Core AMD64 "Brainhemorrhaging", 8GHz
Ports: 17x Thunderbolt, 8x Ethernet [extra for local sharing, dev. use]
Drive: Blu-Ray
HDD: 16GB SD [Retail may require additional dongles and adapters]
Audio Output: 2x 1/4" Jack and 8x XLR Jack.

Those specs are really something. The most glaring spec rumor is the CPU processor. Sony is really looking into brain power as a means to process games through consoles. Reports from Ukatok are saying that Sony is planning to have a "Brain Jack" by 2015. What the hell is a Brain Jack, you ask? Apparently it is a type of cable that you will be able to plug into the back of your head provided you get a $20,000,000USD surgery to have the Matrix system installed into the back of your head. You've read that right. The Matrix system.

The second most daunting spec to hit the rumor tree concerning hardware is the video memory. Sony stated recently that 4k television technology is just a stepping stone into another world of pixel nonsense and that 16k is where they plan to be by launch. MSN reported that Sony plans to have a 4 gigapixel system and that within each gigapixel you can run a separate game via different Brain Jacks. If you have friends over and they got the surgery, you could be playing Black Ops VII, another friend could be playing Final Fantasy XXIII:Last Awakening of Zenith Somethingcore, and so on.

XBOX NEXTBOX 1280 - Specs

System Memory: 15GB
Video Memory: 15GB
CPU: 4x Sextuplet-Core PowerPC98, 14GHz
GPU: AMD PPZ-X12345 (w/ Pennsylvania)
Ports: 12 USB3.0
Drive: Mega Ray
Audio Output: Micro Trampstamp Audio producers

Despite being a tad bit behind Sony power wise, Microsoft is really getting experimental with it's technology. Going a little Shaun White and skipping the 720, Microsoft is really diving head first into some of the newest technologies to come out of the recently made public Area 51 division of the government. The biggest developments are the Mega Ray discs, which hold up to a TB of data and the Micro Trampstamp Audio Producers. The MTAPs are a tattoo system that you get in a tramp stamp spot. The tattoo is a little microchip diagram and when pressed against the back of any chair it acts as a noise transmitter. The technology is reportedly different for every person because of variables is human biology, but Microsoft claims that it can program all sounds to be the same. Microsoft also claims that this technology can be used for different player specific noises.

Touchscreen, VR Tech, and Distribution

With the looming release of Oculus Rift, both companies are entering the Virtual Reality market. Microsoft has Kinect, but has stated that Kinect 2.0 will be completely overhauled to meet the demands of Japanese consumers who want to journey into VR technology. One described feature for Kinect 2.0 is a laser eye scanner that will send little nanobots akin to Metal Gear Solid into a human. The nanobots will have diverse effects on a persons biology such as cravings for brownies are fatigue.

On the flip side, Sony is rumored to drop the Move peripheral and start a completely new project for the PS4. Ukatok reports that Sony has project "Hold On To Your Butts" in the works to replace Move. The peripheral is a touchscreen hologram that can act as a controller or keyboard. It is also rumored to be able to scan your whole mind with one flash of a light.

Both Microsoft and Sony are working on systems that will digitally distribute games through the systems. Sony has stated that it will continue to release physical copies of it's games while Microsoft said that they will leave the methods of distribution up to the publishers. (I'm looking at you EA.)

All this talk of new systems is very exciting. The gaming industry really needs a kick in the ass and we might just be getting it this year. Nintendo already released a very promising system and it looks like the other two companies are dueling to the death for console supremacy. 2013 will be an exciting year if only for the prospect of getting a $20,000,000USD surgery to finally enter the Matrix.

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