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Jake Plissken
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My Exp: Eldritch

On the outside, Eldritch looks like a Bioshock/Minecraft hybrid. I promise you it is so much more.  Look how much more there is to it! The basic jist of Eldritch is to escape a library that has enclosed around you. Like Sp...


My Exp: Gone Home

Let me save you some time...IGN gave this game a 9.5... There's your arbitrary number to put a value to an experience. If you're looking for a little more, then yay!!!!!! Start with the very short video below.   One day.....


About Jake Plisskenone of us since 10:47 PM on 09.03.2013

Oprah once said the following about me "Can you see? You should really get a hair cut."

...after that day I knew exactly what I wanted to be. A critic of all things Oprah...sadly the market for that sort of career is flooded by stay at home dads, who feel "Oprah" doesn't address the masculine aspect of embracing life. What a bunch wieners.


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