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Jahute's blog

6:10 PM on 04.04.2008

10 random thoughts. Ep: 1

1. The amount of sodium in North American food is extravagant.
2. Rubber Duckies are, always have, and always will be cool.
3. Its a damn shame that Futurama was axed and no more will be made.
4. If William Shatner were black he would be a kickin' ass pimp... and I know it, you know it, Danzig know it, everyone know it.
5. Red is an overrated color.
6. Jagermeister is delicious every hour of the day.
7. Indeed, fools rush in, but they have courage.
8. Most commercials stink, but good ones are like tiny shows that are relished and sought after in a rabid fashion... SAUSAGES!
9. Ceaser salad dressing has a powerful aroma.
10. One of my three wishes would be to be able to locate anything. ( I know thats vague, I would certainly refine it before I actually wished it.)   read

11:36 AM on 04.02.2008

General idiocy rant and a PS3 shout.

...People in general are idiots. I make this claim due to my interaction with people at work, while driving and other daily tasks that force me to interact with strangers and society at large. First off, I work at a help desk, so that should give you an idea of what kind of people I deal with at work. Yeah, I know what I may say is akin to 'the company's computer guy' skit from SNL, but some of the things people come to with is unbelievable. For example, and I quote, "My computer doesn't work." This person came to the window as well, so I can't ask if its plugged in, powered on, etc. So, I decide to go with the person to see what's up, the monitor isn't on. Honestly, that happens a lot. And I dunno what it is, stupidity? Can't be possibly that bad that it keeps happening. Perhaps its laziness, the person comes in and if things don't just work they call us and don't take the initiative to figure the simple things out. I know its this type of behavior that gives me a job, but those kind of things are extremely trite. I can understand not being able to set up outlook e-mail, or needing proxy settings need changed and things of that sort... but basic things like plugged in and powered up? Wow.
And then there are driving cretins, people that break while turning at a light halfway through the turn, people that cross solid lines to make the on-ramp, people that pass you then get in front of you and slow to the speed you were going, people that brush their teeth/ put on makeup/ read/ tweeze their eyebrows while driving, people fishing around the passengers side for a cd/item of food, people that pump their breaks and inch up to the intersection at a red light and then accelerate slow as balls when the light turns green... I could go on. Its amazing what people will do in a car. It's almost gotten to a point where I don't see other cars as cars with people in them, just as opponents.
Then there are people that work at fast food joints and other stores. We all know these issues I need not to rant about this crap.
All in all its frustrating that everyday this is encountered, like its commonplace. What happened to being an intelligent species? And why does it seem that its getting progressively worse. Like, kids don't care anymore, almost like its uncool to be smart. Its sad, honestly. Sorry for the rant, but I just felt like I had to.
Here is something game related, I got a PS3 last week and picked up a few games. Already finished R&C for the first time so I'm gonna move on to the other ones. I want to get into the multiplayer aspects of the games but don't know many people that have a PS3. So far I can get down on:
~Army of Two
~Dynasty Warriors 6
~Armored Core 4
I know there are other games that are better suited to multiplayer play, and I'll get them soon, just gotta save up some funds. In any case, if you wanna game drop me a line.   read

12:48 PM on 03.29.2008

Initiation through boredom...

I've come to a realization, or rather a type of epiphany. It is as follows:
The more bored someone is, the more difficult it is for them to come up with something to do. This is further compounded by the amount of things that become limited to them rises.
For example, I have a job where I work on Saturdays. As such, my job is customer based. So, if there are no customers that need anything, I have essentially nothing to do. So, on Saturdays there really is nothing going on and I become bored... at work. Normally I would be playing games, cooking, and watching TV at the same time... or out with my peeps and drinking or riding my quad and getting dirty. But at work, I have news channels, the interwebs and whatever I may bring to work as long as it isn't electronic. After the first few Saturdays the internet got old, but perhaps that's because I haven't the faculties required to search the web in order to sate my amusement or to discover something that is engaging. I recall one time I got so bored, that I squeezed a whole tube of Aveeno hand lotion into my hands and rubbed them together to see how long it took before my hands weren't slimy. In any case, this boredom is the crucible from which arose my profile creation and subsequent blog post. I honestly haven't anything important to say right now, perhaps except that boredom is a powerful motivator and perhaps a potent muse. <sigh> Must find... amusement.   read

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